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Secure your home with interest rate hedging

The monthly home loan payment is often the largest single expense in a household, which is why it makes sense to hedge against the risks it involves. One way to prepare for a rise in interest rates is to grow your savings. Another option which can bring you some financial peace of mind is interest rate hedging.

How can you prepare for higher interest rates?

If you have a home loan, we encourage you to assess how your finances will withstand higher interest rates and to find ways to protect yourself against them. 

One way to prepare for rising interest rates is to put money aside in advance. This gives you a buffer you could use if your loan servicing costs increase. You can book a free meeting for investment advice with us if you want to hear how saving monthly while paying off your loan can give you some extra leeway.

You can also protect your finances with interest rate hedging to prevent the interest rate on your loan from rising beyond what you can afford. When you purchase an interest rate hedge, you always know the maximum monthly payment on your home loan. 

Prepare for rising interest rates by saving and investing

Saving monthly in a fund could help you build a financial buffer. When interest rates are low, you have an opportunity to grow your savings while repaying a loan. This is a good way to prepare for rising interest rates, as higher rates can also mean higher loan costs.

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The interest rate collar is ideal if:

  • it is important for you that your monthly payment remains under control regardless of the interest rate
  • you appreciate the possibility of making changes to your loan repayment schedule flexibly
  • you want to benefit from low interest rates in future, too
  • you appreciate an affordable interest rate hedge.

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A fixed interest rate is ideal if:

  • you want to know the exact amount of your monthly loan repayment in advance
  • you want to have your interest rate fixed for 3, 5, 7 or up to 15 years
  • your loan amount exceeds 20,000 euros
  • you are ready to pay for the possible penalty fees arising from early repayment.

Please note that if you have a fixed-rate home loan, you will not be able to make changes to your repayment plan and paying off your loan early may result in an early repayment charge.

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The interest rate cap is ideal if:

  • you want to benefit from low reference rates
  • you want the reference rate of your loan to decrease when interest rates fall
  • you want to make sure that the interest costs of your loan remain in check regardless of the market situation
  • you appreciate the possibility of making changes to your loan repayment schedule flexibly

The interest rate cap is subject to a fee set in our tariff

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What would higher interest rates mean for your monthly loan payment?

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