Interest rate hedging makes life secure

You should already consider securing the repayment of your loan when you are applying for it. You can avoid high volatility in market rates by including interest hedging in your loan or, alternatively, choosing a fixed-interest loan. An interest rate hedge may cover 3 to 15 years, depending on your needs. The hedging can be taken for a shorter period than the loan, as the amount of interest makes the most difference at the beginning of the loan period when the loan principal is high.

The interest rate collar suits you if:

  • it is important for you that your monthly payment remains in check regardless of the interest rate
  • you appreciate the possibility of making changes to your loan repayment schedule flexibly
  • you want to benefit from low interest rates in future, too
  • you appreciate the affordability of our interest rate hedging.

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The interest rate cap suits you, if you:

  • want to benefit from low reference rates
  • want the reference rate of your loan to decrease when the interest rates fall
  • want to make sure that the interest costs of your loan remain in check regardless of the market situation
  • you appreciate the possibility of making changes to your loan repayment schedule flexibly
  • are willing to pay a fee for an interest rate hedge.

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Fixed interest rate suits you if

  • you want to know the exact amount of your monthly loan repayment in advance
  • you want to have your interest rate fixed for 3, 5, 7 or up to 15 years
  • your minimum loan amount exceeds 20,000 euros
  • you are ready to pay for the possible penalty fees arising from early repayment.

You will not be able to make flexible changes to the loan’s repayment schedule when the interest rate is fixed

Are you interested in interest rate hedging or would you like to have additional information on its alternatives?

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