Apply for a preliminary loan offer to see the loan amount and margin we offer

A preliminary loan offer is an indication of how much you can borrow and the margin we offer on your home loan. Submitting an application for a loan offer is easy and you are not obliged to take out a loan from us. 

With a preliminary home loan offer secured, you can start hunting for your new home. 

How to get a preliminary loan offer

To get a preliminary offer from us, all you need to do is fill in our home loan application online.  On the application, we will ask about your personal finances, including your income, expenses, savings and assets, as well as your existing loans.

After you have submitted your application, we will contact you and set up an appointment for a loan negotiation. After the negotiation, you will get a preliminary offer for a home loan from us. In some cases, we might skip this step altogether and give you a loan promise instead.

Remember to fill in your home loan application carefully because the offer we give you is based on the information you provide. You can speed up your loan process by providing all the information we ask for on the application, although we can still discuss the details when we negotiate on your loan.

Get a preliminary loan offer from us today!

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A loan promise enables you to make a binding offer on a home you like as soon as you find it

When you get a home loan promise from us, we commit to lending you the agreed amount. This commitment gives you peace of mind and makes it easy for you to make an offer on a home.  Applying for a loan promise or a preliminary home loan offer from us doesn’t commit you to anything. 

If you have already found the right home when you apply for a loan, you should tell us about this when we negotiate on your loan. We will check that we can accept the home as collateral.

If the home is acceptable for a loan, we will give you a loan promise and you can make a binding offer on the home. Alternatively, you can make a conditional offer, making it subject to us granting you a loan to buy the home in question.

You can make a conditional offer before getting a loan promise

Most people make an offer on a home after they have first secured a loan promise from their bank. But if you don’t have a valid loan promise, you can still make a conditional offer on the home you want to buy.

The conditions in your offer could be that your bank must accept the home as collateral for your loan and that your bank must grant you a loan promise. You will need to agree on the conditions in your offer with the realtor. 

Before you make an offer, we recommend that you fill in our online form to tell us about the home you have found. This way, we can check that the home is acceptable for a loan and proceed to give you a loan promise.

From a preliminary loan offer to a loan promise

Once we have negotiated on your loan and given you a preliminary loan offer, we can proceed to granting you a loan promise if you provide us with the following documents:

  • a house manager’s certificate 
  • your payslip and account statements for the past 3 months
  • a photo of your ID card or passport.

If your loan will have a third-party pledge, we may also ask you to fill in a form to provide information on the pledger and pledge. If you own a business, we will request you to provide your financial statements. 

You can easily renew your loan promise when you need to

Our commitment to fund your home loan is valid for six (6) months and the offered price, or the margin, is valid for one (1) month.

If your loan promise expires before you find the right home, you can easily renew it by calling us, contacting us through chat or sending us a message through Nordea Mobile or Netbank. Please note that when you request to renew your loan promise, we will always review the details and the price offered. 

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