Online meeting

Online meetings are a flexible means to do your banking anywhere – at your home, office or summer cottage. You will need a computer or iPhone, iPad or Android device, an Internet connection, a telephone and Nordea's access codes.

Are you planning to:

  • change homes?
  • start saving?
  • take the trip of your dreams or buy a new boat?
  • update your insurance policies?

We offer you the opportunity to do even your complex banking online. At an online meeting with your banking adviser, you can manage loan negotiations, insurance policies, savings and investments in the comfort of your armchair or wherever else you prefer.

We will serve you online Mon–Fri 8.00–20.00 and Sat 10.00–16.00. All you will need is a telephone, a computer or an iPad and Nordea's access codes.

You will be shown related material and calculations on your computer screen, while you are discussing your banking on the phone.

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What you should do

1. Make an appointment for an online meeting

  • You can make an appointment by calling Nordea Customer Service, tel 0200 70 000 (local call charge/mobile call charge)
  • You will receive a confirmation message about the online meeting to your mobile phone and in Netbank

2. Prepare for an online meeting

  • Log into your Netbank
  • Read the invitation to the meeting and the agenda
  • iPad/ iPhone and Android devices: you can use Netbank or Nordea Mobile app

3. At the start of the meeting

  • Be logged in your Netbank and have your phone and access codes handy
  • We will call you at the start of the meeting.

4. Join the online meeting

  • Join the online meeting by clicking the meeting link in your Netbank.
  • Type your name and click 'Join the meeting'.
  • Wait until you are admitted to the meeting.
  • If you are connecting trough iPad or iPhone device you will be asked to download an app to join the online meeting.
  • Before the meeting starts your advisor will ask you to authenticate yourself. If you want to you can share video with your advisor.

Technical information

Most PCs, Macs and operating systems can be used for online meetings. Users of Internet Explorer need to have Adobe Flash Player installed. The latest browser versions can also be used on iPads and Android tablets.