Corporate social responsibility – we help people learn financial, entrepreneurial and digital skills

We support society by helping young and older people alike develop their financial, entrepreneurial and digital skills. Every year, we help more than a hundred thousand Finns by sharing our expertise and financial knowledge through our own projects and those of our partners, for example in free financial skills workshops held at schools.

No one can afford bad financial skills

Supporting young people in their financial skills and encouraging them to start businesses are two ways of promoting wellbeing in society. In 2021, Nordea volunteers advised more than 120,000 children and young people on financial skills through our own projects and those of our partners.

We also organised several webinars providing guidance on digital skills and helped young people set up their first business. Our Startup & Growth unit organised more than 750 meetings between investors and startups. 

We will continue our work this year to give as many people as possible an opportunity to participate and learn important financial skills that will help them make sound decisions with their personal finances. Every Nordea employee has the opportunity to spend two workdays volunteering to promote financial and entrepreneurship skills.

Becoming number one in financial skills

  1. Finland is aiming to become the nation with the best financial skills in the world by 2030. 
  2. Our goal is to be the most impactful promoter of financial and entrepreneurship skills in the financial sector. 
Financial skills for young people – cooperation with schools

Cooperation with schools for teaching financial skills to young people

We hold interactive financial lessons for schools, where we look at how to manage your personal finances and save and invest your money. More than 6,000 pupils and students across Finland have already participated in these lessons. 

Comprehensive school 

Comprehensive school pupils can participate in three different workshops: “Oman talouden eväät” financial skills workshop for 1st–4th graders, “Oman talouden eväät” financial skills workshop for 5th–9th graders and Becoming a Millionaire workshop for 7th–9th graders.  Using a quiz format, the workshops deal with the prices of products and services with 1st–4th graders and the cost of living with 5th–9th graders. The aim is to teach children how to spend money in a manner that suits their lifestyle and to give them an understanding of the daily expenses of their family. The Becoming a Millionaire workshop is designed for 7th–9th graders, who get to learn the basics of saving and investment.

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A teacher’s feedback on a workshop: “The workshop was absolutely fantastic. The hosts involved the pupils throughout the lesson and the content was well-adjusted to the pupils’ skill level. As the teacher, I enjoyed it when someone else took the reins and all I had to do was just listen.”  

Upper secondary school and vocational school

“Oman talouden eväät” financial skills workshop for upper secondary and vocational students consists of two lessons: Your relationship with money and budgeting, and saving and buying your own home. 

The workshop deals with the participants’ relationship with money and spending, managing their finances through budgeting, the benefits of saving, and various forms of housing. The young participants receive tips and tools for managing their finances sustainably and working towards their dreams. The aim is to get the participants to become aware of their spending habits and to plan their current and future finances. 

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Work experience programme (TET)
Moneymaster games and competition
Digital guidance sessions for older adults
Partnership projects

Work experience programme (TET)

We have arranged work experience sessions through Teams for young people since autumn 2020, and participants have shown their appreciation for them. “This was the best ever TET experience. I learned a lot about financial matters, the economy and other important things,” says one pupil who participated in a remote TET period. 

During a TET period, the pupils work in teams on various tasks related to finances and the economy, learning skills about entrepreneurship and job application processes that will come in handy in the future. 

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In spring 2022, we will organise a national remote TET period for 8th and 9th graders together with 4H Finland. The pupils will get a peek at what work at Nordea is like and hear various career stories. The purpose of the remote TET period is to help young people identify their strengths and develop their financial skills. The remote TET period will be held from 4 April until 8 April 2022.

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In autumn 2022, we will also participate in the World’s Biggest Remote TET, which will be organised by Economy and Youth TAT from 21 November to 15 November 2022.

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Digital guidance sessions for older adults

We advise more than 10,000 older adults in the use of digital services every year

The importance of financial literacy in a digital world will continue to grow in the future. By providing guidance on how to use digital services, we can improve the skills and security of older adults in a society undergoing a digital transformation.

See our digital advice section for support in digital banking. 

Our cooperation partners include Enter ryOpens new window, Valli ryOpens new window, Savonetti ryOpens new window, Mukanetti ryOpens new window, Joen severi ryOpens new window and Turun kansalliset seniorit ryOpens new window.

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Economy and Youth TAT Opens new window

Economy and Youth TAT is a national influencer, helping young people to improve their financial and work skills as well as getting them excited about entrepreneurship.

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Vamos! Opens new window

Vamos supports 16-29-year-olds in their daily lives. The project helps them with finances, mental health issues, living arrangements and planning the future.

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Plan International Opens new window

Plan International is a humanitarian organisation that advances children’s rights and equality. The organisation aims at promoting children’s education and health and getting them to actively participate in making decisions concerning them.

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Opopassi Opens new window

Opopassi Opopassi is an inspiring tool for planning your future. Upper secondary school students can complete the OP2 student counselling course by collecting Opopassi points.

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