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Good financial skills will help you succeed and navigate forward both in life and in business. We want to enable everyone to manage their personal finances and gain a basic understanding of running a business, and that’s why we help more than 100,000 Finns in our community engagement projects every year.

Virtual financials skills workshops for schoolkids and digital guidance sessions for older adults

Virtual financials skills workshops for schoolkids and digital guidance sessions for older adults

Virtual financials skills workshops for schoolkids

We host virtual financial skills workshops for schools. The workshops are themed around running a business, saving and investing and managing personal finances. More than 4,000 schoolkids across Finland have already participated in a virtual financial skills workshop.

 The virtual workshops "Oman talouden eväät" and "Matkalla miljonääriksi" arranged this autumn are no longer open for signing up. Signing up for the workshops arranged in the spring of 2022 will start in early December.

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Sign up your class for “Matkalla miljonääriksi” (becoming a millionaire) virtual workshopOpens new windows targeted at 7th–9th graders

“The workshop was absolutely fantastic. The hosts involved the pupils throughout the lesson and the content was well-adjusted to the pupils’ skill level. As the teacher, I enjoyed it when someone else took the reins and all I had to do was just listen.” 

Virtual TET

We have arranged work experience sessions through Teams for young people since the autumn 2020, and they have been appreciated by the participants: “This was the best TET and I learned a lot about money, finances and other important things.”  Read more about the virtual TET programme. 

In the autumn 2021, we will arrange two national TET sessions virtually for eighth- and ninth-graders. We will organise the first TET session together with our cooperation partner 4H and the second session will be implemented by Nordea alone.

  • In Nordea’s On your way to the future TET, the young will consider, for example, matters related to their own finances and saving and practise job interview situations. This virtual TET session will be implemented during 22–26 November 2021, and pupils can sign up via this linkOpens new window

Virtual TET will be arranged in Finnish.

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We advise more than 10,000 older adults in the use of digital services every year 

The importance of mastering digital financial skills will continue to grow in the future, and by providing guidance we want to make it possible for older adults to remain active and fully integrated members of society. 

See our digital advice section for support in digital banking.

Our cooperation partners include Enter ry, Valli rt, Savonetti ry, Mukanetti ry, Joen severi ry and Turun kansalliset seniorit ry.

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Moneymaster game
Business courses
Economic Skills project
Matkalla project

Economy and Youth TAT Opens new window

Economy and Youth TAT is a national influencer, helping young people to improve their financial and work skills as well as getting them excited about entrepreneurship.

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Vamos supports 16-29-year-olds in their daily lives. The project helps them with finances, mental health issues, living arrangements and planning the future.

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Plan International Opens new window

Plan International is a humanitarian organisation that advances children’s rights and equality. The organisation aims at promoting children’s education and health and getting them to actively participate in making decisions concerning them.

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