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Community engagement and entrepreneurship

In Nordea, we believe that good financial skills help you succeed both in life and in business. We believe that it is important that everyone has adequate knowledge and skills in entrepreneurship.

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Supporting entrepreneurship

We contribute to financial skills and entrepreneurship in all of our sustainability initiatives. Employee volunteering is an essential part of our community engagement activities. 

Every year, each Nordea employee may spend two work days volunteering to support financial skills and entrepreneurship.

Cooperation partners

We work in collaboration with various partners and our volunteers mentor and spar hundreds of companies every year. We want to support sustainable growth in companies and inspire youth to choose the path of entrepreneurship.



Slush is the leading investor and start-up event in Europe and has quickly grown to be an international assembly of 20,000 attendees. Slush is mainly organised by volunteer workers, and Nordea employees volunteer at the event, too. Both Slush and Nordea aim to bring like-minded people together and create opportunities for success and internationality. 


Nordea will be one of Slush’s key partners also in 2019.


Kasvu Open


Kasvu Open might just be the best innovation in the world for supporting growth companies. Kasvu Open started in Jyväskylä and has since grown to cover the whole of Finland. Its outstanding work was rewarded in 2018 with the Internationalisation Award of the President of the Republic of Finland.

We partnered with Kasvu Open in sparring growth companies because we share their mission – we want to make Finland the best growth company nation in the world. In 2018, dozens of Nordea’s volunteer experts and growth professionals sparred over 250 companies to support growth companies.


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Kasvuryhmä (Growth Collective Finland) is a movement of Finnish scale-up companies that are helping one another become world-changing success stories. We are leading Finland towards a thriving, entrepreneur-minded society through accelerating scale-up transformation and growth. Each member of Kasvuryhmä sets themselves an “Outrageous Promise” for five years and its realisation is followed on and sparred together. 

Nordea employees are willing to support the members of Kasvuryhmä to resolve growth challenges and we contribute with our knowledge of financing and business management.

Boardman Grow


We participate in the joint venture of Boardman Grow network that aims to ambitiously remove any obstacles to growth and provide the best practices for supporting the growth of growth companies. 

We spar entrepreneurs especially in growth funding through roundtable discussions in national events called Kaaoksesta Kasvuun.



TAT Business Courses


Economy and youth TAT’s Business courses offer free digital learning materials for upper secondary and vocational school students. With the high quality learning materials, students will learn financial and work skills, business savvy and take in an entrepreneurial attitude. 

Nordea’s volunteers will be workshop leaders in the Business course event Takeoff, which is Europe’s largest business event for young people. Takeoff is organized every year as a side event for Slush. Our volunteers also host lectures on financial skills and economy in schools that work with Business courses.


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The start-up accelerator Kiuas supports start-ups in their early stages by providing them with high-quality coaching, networks, tools and premises. Nordea's mentors are involved in both the Kiuas Start and the Kiuas Accelerator programmes.




4H's Nordea Business Lab


What if everyone had the skills to transform one's own idea into a business? 4H Nordea Business Lab supports aspiring entrepreneurs aged 13–28 in starting their own 4H business. Nordea employees coach them in this journey.