Our ongoing community engagement projects

Investor Speed Dating
Finland’s Entrepreneur Day

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Investor Speed Dating is a virtual event held by Nordea, where the owners of startups and scaleups get to meet Finnish and international investors.

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Kasvu Open is a free-of-charge national coaching and feedback programme for growth-oriented for small and medium-sized enterprises. We collaborate with Growth Open throughout the year, aiming to make Finland the best country for startups in the world.

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Slush is one of the most significant investor and startup events in the world. It aims to help startups that are making the world a better place to grow and network.

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Kasvuryhmä is a network of Finnish scaleup companies that are helping and challenging one another to become world-changing success stories. Nordea contributes to the network with its expertise in financing and sustainable business management.

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4H is a partner of Nordea that encourages young people to become an entrepreneur for the summer. 4H provides a safe avenue for getting to know what it feels like to run a business. Nordea’s volunteers act as facilitators and business coaches for the young participants during their summer entrepreneurship.

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Maria 01 is the leading startup campus in the Nordic countries. It actively maintains a network for investors, startups and ecosystem experts.

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Cooperation partners

Our goal is to support sustainable growth in companies and inspire young people to choose the path of entrepreneurship. We run many of our projects in cooperation with our partner network. Every year, our employees have the opportunity to spend two paid working days participating in projects for promoting entrepreneurial skills in our society.