Support for businesses in numbers

As entrepreneurship is an important part of Finnish society, we want to be involved in creating new jobs in Finland by helping each growth-oriented Finnish company reach its goals. 

According to a study made by Kasvu Open in 2023, more than 30% of companies say that the lack of financing is hindering their growth. We finance growth companies with 150–200 million euros each year and offer them mentoring and other programmes to support them in finding different financing options and developing their financial skills. More than 1,000 Nordea employees participate every year in mentoring programmes supporting entrepreneurship, and 80% of startups and growth companies choose Nordea as their partner.

How does Nordea support entrepreneurship?

Young entrepreneurs

4H Small

We have partnered with 4H to encourage young people to become entrepreneurs for the summer. 

  • 4H provides a safe avenue for getting to know what it feels like to run a business. 
  • Nordea’s volunteers act as facilitators and business coaches for the young participants during their summer entrepreneurship.

Startups & growth companies

Investor Speed Dating Small

We have many options available to help your business grow:

  • Nordea Investor Speed Dating is a virtual event where the owners of startups and scaleups get to interact with worldclass Finnish and international investors in 1:1 meetings.
  • Kasvu Open is a free-of-charge national coaching and feedback programme for growth-minded SMEs.  
  • The Fearless Founders programme provides a network for female entrepreneurs.

We also collaborate with Maria 01, the Nordics’ leading startup campus.

Going global

Kasvu Open Small

A company planning to expand internationally requires new networks and a different financial skill set. 

  • For seven years, we have been a partner of Slush, one of the world’s most important investor and startup events. 
  • We organise Investor Speed Dating virtual events around the year, where companies get to meet worldclass investors. 
  • Superfinns is a sparring programme for small companies that have proven their market potential to help them seek global growth.


Our goal is to support sustainable growth in companies and inspire young people to choose the path of entrepreneurship. We run many of our projects in cooperation with our partner network. 

Every year, our employees have the opportunity to spend two paid working days participating in projects for promoting entrepreneurial skills in our society.

Get inspired by business owners

“Tarinoita yrittäjistä” is a video series with four business owners recounting the origins of their businesses and describing the highlights of their daily work. The videos have been produced in collaboration with the business owners and Kasvu Open, and they are available in Finnish.