Start using our digital banking services

Our online and mobile banking services allow you to do your daily banking when it best suits you. You can install our mobile banking app Nordea Mobile on your phone or tablet and access Nordea Netbank on your computer through our website at

For online and mobile banking, you will need Nordea access codes, which consist of a user ID and a means of identification (the Nordea ID app or the Nordea ID device).

1. Memorise your user ID

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Your user ID is an integral part of your Nordea access codes, which you use to log in to Nordea Mobile and Netbank. 

Your user ID consists of 6–8 digits, and you will receive it when you become a Nordea customer. It’s intended for your personal use only, so never disclose it to anyone else – not even to your friends or family members.

Here’s how to find your user ID: Your user ID is stated in your online banking agreement. If you used our ‘Become a customer online’ service to sign up as a Nordea customer, you can also see your user ID by logging back in to the service.

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2. Install and activate the Nordea ID app

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To log in to our online and mobile banking services, you will need your user ID and the Nordea ID app.

You can install the Nordea ID app on your phone or tablet from your app store. We recommend that you install the Nordea ID app on at least two devices in case your primary device gets damaged.

How to activate the Nordea ID app

No mobile device? You can get a Nordea ID device, which is an alternative way to access banking services.

Learn more about the Nordea ID device

3. Install and activate the Nordea Mobile app

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Install our mobile banking app Nordea Mobile on your phone or tablet from your app store. 

With the app, you can manage your finances conveniently any time, anywhere. In Nordea Mobile, you can do these and more:

  • keep track of your finances and create budgets
  • save and invest
  • manage your loans and cards
  • open new services.

Tip: By calling us from the app, your identity will already be verified so you’ll get service faster.

How to activate Nordea Mobile

Do you want to use your Nordea access codes to access other online services?

E-identification is a form of strong electronic identification that can be included in your Nordea access codes. E-identification allows you to use your Nordea access codes to log in to third-party services, such as MyTax or MyKanta.

To activate e-identification, you need to book an appointment in branch.

Call us to book an appointment.

Open new services when you need them

You can open new accounts, apply for a loan, start saving and much more in Nordea Mobile and Netbank!

Apply for a new card online

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Nordea Gold is our most popular card. It’s a combination card (credit/debit) that comes with travel insurance for trips abroad and Product Safety Insurance protecting items you buy for your home. You can also add it to a mobile payment app to pay with your phone.

Start saving and investing

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At Nordea, we want to help you save and invest in a way that best suits you. Explore the options available and open services online. If you’d like to talk to one of our investment experts you can book a meeting with us and we’ll help you get started.

Take advantage of the benefits we offer

  • Free daily banking services for our young customers, customers with a home loan and Premium Customers when you also have our mobile banking app and an account and a card with us. See our service packages.
  • Free savings accounts and trading in fund units through Nordea Mobile and Netbank free of charge.
  • Discounts on various services. As an example, our customers with a home loan and Premium Customers get consumer credit for a lower margin and discounts on insurance policies.

We’re here for you

We want to make sure that your first weeks as our new customer go as smoothly as possible. Later, if your life takes a new direction or you want to make your dreams come true, contact us to find the best solution for you.

Quick support in chat 24/7

You can find our chatbot Nova at and in Nordea Mobile and Netbank. Simply enter your question in the chat and Nova will guide you to a solution. Nova is currently available in Finnish.

Help and guidance

Use the easy search function on the Help tab in Nordea Mobile to search for instructions. You can also find answers to frequently asked questions on the Help tab and on our website.

Call from the app

By calling us from the Help tab in Nordea Mobile, your identity will already be verified so you’ll get personal service and help with your banking faster.

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Make sure you get our newsletter automatically by consenting to our email marketing in Nordea Mobile under ‘Profile’ and ‘Consents’. 

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