Nordea Vision endowment insurance

Nordea Vision endowment insurance is a flexible solution for long-term saving and investing. It is particularly well-suited to estate planning and transfers of wealth to close relatives.

Nordea Visio endowment insurance as well as all product material and customer service related to Nordea Visio endowment insurance is offered only in Finnish or Swedish. The contractual language used is either Finnish or Swedish, and the purpose of the information provided on this website is only to give a general overview of Nordea Visio endowment insurance.

Why endowment insurance?

Your benefits

  • Access a wide range of investments, such as investment funds, investment baskets and investment bonds, with one agreement.
  • You can transfer your cash to a low-risk insurance account when the markets are volatile or while you consider where to invest next.
  • The potential return on the investments is not taxed in connection with any reallocation of investments and you do not need to report the changes to the tax authorities. The return is only taxed when you withdraw your money or the agreement expires.
  • You can distribute your wealth any way you want without a separate will.
  • You can make additional investments and withdraw funds from the policy during the validity period, if necessary.
  • You can invest large sums at a time or save regularly.

The minimum investment in Nordea Vision as a one-off payment is EUR 10,000, and the recommended saving period is at least 5 years. 

Inheritance cover protects against stock market crashes

You can add the Inheritance Cover feature for your Nordea Vision endowment insurance to protect your invested capital in the event of death.

With Inheritance Cover, the indemnification to your beneficiary will at least equal the premiums paid into the insurance, from which possible surrenders have been deducted, regardless of the performance of your invested savings. You only have to pay for the cover if the amount of your savings is less than the amount of capital you have invested in the agreement. If your savings’ performance is positive, the Inheritance Cover feature is free of charge. 

With Inheritance Cover, you can invest in one of the following investment baskets: Yield Basket, Allocation Fixed Income, Allocation Moderate or Allocation Moderate Global. 

Inheritance Cover can only be added to a new Nordea Vision agreement.

Nordea Vision is suitable for you if you are looking to:

  • invest with a long-term approach,
  • diversify your savings across several different investment alternatives under the same agreement,
  • switch investments actively, and
  • transfer your wealth to your heirs flexibly using a beneficiary clause.

Nordea Vision Inheritance Cover is suitable for you are looking to:

  • invest with a long-term approach,
  • protect your invested capital in the event of death, 
  • transfer your wealth to your heirs flexibly using a beneficiary clause, and
  • invest in one of the following actively managed and widely diversified investment baskets: Yield Basket, Allocation Fixed Income, Allocation Moderate or Allocation Moderate Global.

Investment alternatives

Select the investments that are suitable for you and get a Nordea Capital contract that meets your needs.

Nordea offers you a wide range of investment alternatives, such as funds, investment baskets, government bonds and the Insurance Account. You can see all the investment baskets available for Nordea Capital in our online serviceOpens new window. You can see our fund offering in our online serviceOpens new window. Online services are available in Finnish and in Swedish.

When you sign a Nordea Capital contract online, there are two investment baskets available – Globe Basket or Granite Portfolio. Once you have signed the contract, you can freely switch and add investment alternatives based on your interests, risk tolerance and investment targets.

Granite Portfolios

The real-estate investments of Nordea Life Assurance are the foundation of Granite Portfolio investment baskets, offering a better risk/return ratio, generating a steady cash flow through rental income and enabling further diversification in addition to the traditional asset classes. The money invested in the Granite Portfolios is diversified across various asset classes globally. 

You can choose the option that suits your preferred risk level from among five Granite Portfolios with different risk profiles.

Globe Baskets

The Globe Baskets are easy and sustainable investment baskets managed by professionals who pay special attention to the environmental, social and governance aspects when selecting investment alternatives. By choosing a Globe Basket that meets your needs, you can positively impact the environment and society. The Globe Baskets offer an excellent asset allocation and great value for money. 

You can choose the option that suits your preferred risk level from among five Globe Baskets with different risk profiles. 

Equity Baskets

The Equity Baskets are suitable for you if you are looking to invest in Finnish companies, track the performance of the Finnish equity market and are aware of the risks involved.

You can choose from 14 companies listed on the Nasdaq OMX Helsinki exchange, which you can use to build your personal equity portfolio. Every Equity Basket added to your contract will consist of the shares of one listed company, and the basket’s performance will track the total return on the share in question. The total return consists of the share price performance and the dividend yield.

Nordea funds

You can choose one or several equity, fixed income or balanced funds from our wide selection of Nordea funds.

See the funds you can select for your unit-linked insurance

Insurance Account

An Insurance Account is suitable for savers or investors who want to invest their savings with a low risk. It is particularly useful as a temporary place to park your money while searching for a new investment or waiting for market volatility to subside.

Investment bonds

You can add investment bonds selected by Nordea Life Assurance to your investment agreement during their subscription period. Read more about the currently available investment bonds in our Insurance service.

Information about taxation

  • The investments which determine the performance of an endowment insurance can be switched without any taxation on capital gains.
  • You don’t need to report any changes to your investments under the insurance to the tax authorities.
  • In the event of death, the indemnity paid to the next of kin is taxed in connection with inheritance taxation. A death benefit payable to other persons than close relatives is considered taxable capital income in full. 
  • Once the insurance expires completely, any losses will be deductible, taking into account possible partial surrenders made during the insurance period. If the compensations paid from the insurance after the deduction of profit are less than the assets invested in the insurance, the arising loss is deductible from capital income in the year in which the insurance expires, provided that the insurance does not expire with death or become due for payment to another beneficiary than yourself. Payments made on the basis of death cover are also included in the compensations.

Tax information is in accordance with the situation on 1 January 2023. 



Valid as of 1 September 2020

Applied to insurance policies valid as of 1 September 2015
Management fee

An annual management fee of 0.40% is charged on insurance savings of up to EUR 100,000, the management fee exceeding this amount being 0.1%. 

The insurance company is entitled to raise the management fee to a maximum of 1% of the insurance savings.

In addition to the management fee, you will be charged fees for the investment funds, investment baskets and other investment instruments in accordance with their rules.

Fees for the life insurance (Inheritance Cover feature)The fee for Nordea Vision Inheritance Cover is charged from the savings in order to maintain the life insurance cover.
Change of investment plan

A change of investment plan refers to a change in the allocation of upcoming payments across the available investment instruments.

  • Free of charge in Netbank.
  • As a separate order, free of charge 6 times per calendar year, after which a fee of EUR 10 per order will be charged.
Switching savings from one instrument to another
  • Free of charge in Netbank
  • As a separate order, free of charge 6 times per calendar year, after which a fee of EUR 50 per order will be charged.
Confirmation of pledgingEUR 50
Extra account statementEUR 10
Withdrawal feeA withdrawal fee of 1% will be charged on the amount withdrawn when less than 3 years have passed from the start date of the agreement. The withdrawal fee is not charged on the amount that exceeds the cumulative withdrawal amount of EUR 100,000.
Changes to chargesThe insurance company is entitled to increase all euro-denominated charges in accordance with a change in the cost-of-living index.
Minimum amounts

The minimum amount for investment is EUR 50.

Product material