Nordea Vision endowment insurance is only offered in Finnish and Swedish

Nordea Visio endowment insurance as well as all product material and customer service related to Nordea Visio endowment insurance is offered only in Finnish or Swedish. The contractual language used is either Finnish or Swedish, and the purpose of the information provided on this website is only to give a general overview of Nordea Visio endowment insurance.

What is Nordea Visio endowment insurance?

  • Nordea Visio endowment insurance is an insurance saving agreement intended for long-term savings and investment, for a period of more than five years. 
  • Nordea Visio includes life insurance coverage that protects your entire investment in the policy. You are the insured person on the policy.
  • You are free to choose one or more beneficiaries to whom your savings will be paid out in the event of your death. The funds can be paid out to them even before the estate inventory deed is drawn up after your death. 
  • You can invest in a variety of investment objects within one agreement and switch between them without incurring any fees or tax liability. You can thus continue investing with the gains accumulated and benefit from the compound interest effect. Tax on the gains from the investments is not assessed unless you withdraw funds or the agreement expires.
  • The minimum investment in a Nordea Visio policy is EUR 10, and the recommended minimum investment period is 5 years. There is no maximum limit to the funds invested.

Why endowment insurance?

  • Access a wide range of investments, such as investment funds, investment baskets and investment bonds, with one agreement.
  • You can transfer your cash to a low-risk insurance account when the markets are volatile or while you consider where to invest next.
  • The potential return on the investments is not taxed in connection with any reallocation of investments and you do not need to report the changes to the tax authorities. The return is only taxed when you withdraw your money or the agreement expires.
  • You can distribute your wealth any way you want without a separate will.
  • You can make additional investments and withdraw funds from the policy during the validity period, if necessary.
  • You can invest large sums at a time or save regularly.
  • Discounted price for under 30-year-olds – 50% off the management fees of an endowment policy for savings up to 100,000 euros.

Inheritance cover protects against stock market crashes

You can add the Inheritance Cover feature for your Nordea Vision endowment insurance to protect your invested capital in the event of death.

With Inheritance Cover, the indemnification to your beneficiary will at least equal the premiums paid into the insurance, from which possible surrenders have been deducted, regardless of the performance of your invested savings. You only have to pay for the cover if the amount of your savings is less than the amount of capital you have invested in the agreement. If your savings’ performance is positive, the Inheritance Cover feature is free of charge. 

With Inheritance Cover, you can invest in one of the following investment baskets: Yield Basket, Allocation Fixed Income, Allocation Moderate or Allocation Moderate Global. 

Inheritance Cover can only be added to a new Nordea Vision agreement.

Nordea Vision is suitable for you if you are looking to:

  • invest with a long-term approach,
  • diversify your savings across several different investment alternatives under the same agreement,
  • switch investments actively, and
  • transfer your wealth to your heirs flexibly using a beneficiary clause.
  • invest with a long-term approach,

Inheritance Cover is suitable for you are looking to: 

  • protect your invested capital in the event of death, and
  • invest in one of the following actively managed and widely diversified investment baskets: Yield Basket, Allocation Fixed Income, Allocation Moderate or Allocation Moderate Global.

How can I sign a Nordea Vision contract?

Book a meeting with one of our experts to sign a Nordea Vision contract.

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