Efficient and flexible

Switch investments easily without having to pay any capital gains tax immediately and benefit from the effect of compounding.

Several options

Select one or more investment instruments from our wide selection of investment baskets and funds, equity baskets or investment bonds.

Easy to manage

You can sign a contract and manage your investments conveniently online whenever you want.

Nordea Capital is only offered in Finnish and Swedish

Nordea Capital as well as all product material and customer service related to Nordea Capital is offered only in Finnish or Swedish. The contractual language used is either Finnish or Swedish, and the purpose of the information provided on this website is only to give a general overview of Nordea Capital.

What is a capital redemption contract?

Nordea Capital is a capital redemption plan, also known as a unit-linked insurance product, without an insured person. A capital redemption contract is suitable for long-term savings and investment over a period of at least three years, for instance with retirement or a large-scale dream project in mind. It is also well suited to saving on behalf of a child. You can choose whether to manage your contract actively yourself or whether to select investment baskets managed by our professionals. There are numerous options.

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Why choose Nordea Capital?

  • Select one or more investment alternatives under one contract. You can select the investments from a wide range of instruments, including investment funds and baskets. You only get access to the investment baskets through unit-linked insurance.
  • Switch investments without any costs and tax consequences. You can add and switch investments any time free of charge, for instance when the market situation changes. You only pay taxes on the return when you withdraw your money. 
  • If your circumstances change, you are free to make changes. You can change your savings amount, make additional investments and withdraw funds along the way, if necessary. You can make these changes easily in our online service.
  • Save in a way that suits you. You can save regularly or make a larger one-time investment. You can get started with as little as 10 euros.
  • An easy way to start saving. Whether you want to buy your insurance online yourself or speak one-to-one with our specialists, we have made it easy for you.

Discounted price for under 30-year-olds

If you’re under 30 years old, we have a great offer for you! You can get a 50% discount on Nordea Capital management fees for savings up to 100,000 euros.

What kind of saving and investment is Nordea Capital suitable for?

Whether you are an experienced investor or just starting out, Nordea Capital is suitable for various types of saving and investment. The common factor in all of them is a long saving period of at least three years. The recommended investment horizon depends on the investment alternatives you select.

Nordea Capital is particularly well suited to 

  • regular monthly saving
  • preparing for retirement
  • saving for your children or grandchildren
  • growing your wealth 
  • financing a sabbatical or preparing for big purchases.

You can build up your capital redemption contract according to your own values, your risk tolerance and your expectations for return on investment.

  • If you are an experienced, active investor and wish to profit from market fluctuations by switching investment assets as required, you may benefit from the multiple opportunities facilitated by Nordea Capital.
  • For passive and beginning investors, there are many suitable products such as the widely distributed investment baskets that are managed professionally on behalf of customers.

Sign a contract effortlessly online

When you want to start saving effortlessly and quickly and don’t need investment advice, you can sign a Nordea Capital contract in Nordea Mobile or Nordea Netbank. 

  1. Read more about the features of Nordea Capital and ensure that you have sufficient knowledge and experience to sign the contract.
  2. Select the investment basket that suits you. You can choose either a Globe Basket or a Granite Portfolio, both with four different risk profiles. You can compare the expected return of different risk profiles and select the best option for you. 
  3. Select the investment amount. You can get started with as little as 10 euros a month.

Once you have signed the contract, you can freely switch and add investments from our wide range of investment alternatives.

Sign a contract with the help of our specialist

Our specialists are here to help if you want a personal recommendation on the amounts you should invest and the alternatives you should invest in under the Nordea Capital contract. 

You can book an appointmentOpens new window for an investment meeting. 

Investment objects
Nordea Capital for a child
Nordea Capital for companies
Product material and issuer

Investment objects

You can select your investment objects from Nordea’s broad-based offering of funds and investment baskets, according to your values and interests. The offering includes a selection of investment bonds, and we also offer an Insurance Account to protect your investments against market fluctuations.

Investment baskets

Investment baskets are unique investment products designed for unit-linked insurance policies. Here are some examples:

The Granite Portfolio is an investment basket with a solid foundation in real estate investments. Funds invested in the Granite Portfolio are widely diversified across several countries and asset types.

The Global Portfolio focuses on environmental and societal investments, with an excellent price-quality ratio and diversification across asset classes.

Our online service has more information about all the investment baskets we offer (in Finnish).

Investment baskets are not investment funds. They are investment portfolios set up by an insurance company and governed by their own rules. The money invested in them is invested in multiple instruments such as investment funds, shares, government bonds and corporate bonds. Investment baskets are only available through unit-linked insurance policies. Our experts will select the investment objects to be included in the investment basket and manage your investments for you.

Equity Baskets

You may choose from 14 companies traded on the NASDAQ OMX Helsinki Exchange to build up your portfolio. Each Equity Basket included in your agreement contains shares in one publicly traded company, and their value follows the overall yield of those shares. See the entire range of investment baskets in the Investment Basket Values service.


Choose the best funds for you from Nordea’s wide selection. In our online service, you can read more about the funds that can be included in unit-linked insurance policies (in Finnish).

Investment bonds

You can add investment bonds selected by Nordea Life Assurance to your unit-linked insurance policy during their respective subscription periods. You can view the range of equity-linked bonds available at any given time in the Insurance service. 

Insurance Account

The low-risk Insurance Account is suitable as a temporary place to hold your money while you search for investments to make or as a safe haven for your investments at a time of market turmoil.

Sign a Nordea Capital contract online

Start saving effortlessly and quickly online!

Open Nordea Capital contract Opens new window

Sign a Nordea Capital contract with the help of our specialist

If you want investment advice, book a meeting with us. We are happy to help!

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Frequently asked questions about Nordea Capital

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