Young people’s financial skills

When you’re young, you may have low and irregular income. This is a familiar situation for young adults who are studying, working various odd jobs, unemployed or taking a gap year. And money may still be tight even if you have a permanent job because your salary is usually smaller at the beginning of your career. 

Read our tips on how you can make ends meet on a limited income. Do you know how you can save money or when to take out a loan? 

How far does your money stretch?

Are you unsure of what you can afford? We have a few tips for everyone in need of advice.

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Why is it smart to save?

If you have enough money to live on and something left over at the end of the month, the smart thing to do is to start saving.

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How to take care of your finances

Paying your bills in time and avoiding payday loans are the best ways of taking care of your finances.

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