When should I make a card complaint?

Submit a claim to Nordea if you cannot settle the matter with the merchant. Attach a copy of the correspondence (eg hotel room cancellation number) to the claim form and when:

  • you detect card purchases and/or cash withdrawals on your account statement that have been debited to your account and that you have not made yourself.
  • your card purchase has been debited twice.
  • you have not received the products or services you have ordered with the card.
  • the product you have received is defective.
  • the card transaction concerns an agreement that does not bind consumers in accordance with the consumer protection legislation.

As an issuer of payment cards, Nordea is liable for any misuse of a payment card in accordance with the Finnish Payment Services Act and the card terms and conditions.  If you are entitled to a reimbursement, such as a refund or compensation from a seller based on a breach of contract, the Finnish Consumer Protection Act provides that Nordea and the seller will be jointly liable for the payment you are owed. In such a case, Nordea’s liability is limited to the amount of the credit card transaction stated in the complaint. 

When you make purchases with your card’s credit facility, you get extra security with cardspecific services: Nordea’s credit cards include unique benefits, such as comprehensive travel insurance for trips abroad.

Please note that the following cases do not always provide grounds for a card complaint: 

  • A car rental agency may be entitled to charge for unpaid refuelling and fines in arrears if this has been agreed on in the car rental agreement.
  • Hotels are entitled to charge unpaid minibar purchases in arrears. Some hotel reservations made online do not include a cancellation right, and hotels have the right to charge the price of one overnight stay as a “no-show” charge.
  • If you have committed yourself to a recurring payment and you want to terminate the service, please contact the service provider.

If you are under 18 and want to dispute a card transaction:

If you are under 18, you can dispute a card transaction if you have your parents' consent. If both your parents are your guardians, you will need to ask consent from both of them. Alternatively, you can ask your parents to dispute the transaction for you.

In focus

We are busier than usual

Our processing times for Nordea card disputes are currently longer than usual. 

Thank you for your understanding.

How to make a card complaint for different cards

Start by checking which number your card starts with and choose the right instruction for your card below. Remember to enclose the requested documents. Without the necessary attachments, the complaint processing will be delayed.

Credit card transaction with a Mastercard which starts with the numbers 5225, 5228 or 5396

You are disputing a credit card transaction made with a Mastercard which starts with the numbers 5225, 5228 or 5396.

Fill in the claim form on Nets’s website and enclose the requested documentation. Click on the link "Cardholder's claim other banks" to fill in the form online. Alternatively, you can fill in a printable version of the form and send it to the address stated on the website. 

If we need any further information from you during the dispute process, we will contact you via email or by letter. Remember to check your email regularly, including the junk mail folder. 

Debit card transaction and credit card transaction with a Mastercard which starts with the number 5430

You are disputing a debit card transaction made with a debit or combination card (credit/debit) or a credit card transaction made with a Mastercard which starts with the number 5430. You can fill in the dispute form in the Mobile Bank or by filling the PDF version.

PDF form

Carefully fill in all the fields of the dispute formOpens new window and enclose the requested documentation. Remember to sign the form. If you submit the form via Omaposti or the Help tab in Nordea Netbank, your signature is not needed. Submit the form via Omaposti or the Help tab in Nordea Netbank or send it to the address stated on the form. Take copies of the form and the enclosed documentation for yourself.  

We will send you a message via Nordea Netbank or Nordea Mobile or Nordea’s Omaposti service once we have received your transaction dispute form. Remember to regularly check your messages in Nordea Netbank, Nordea Mobile or Omaposti. We may ask you for further information as the dispute process progresses.

Mobile Bank

You can dispute a card transaction digitally in your Mobile Bank.

  1. In Nordea Mobile you will find your Nordea cards and under the card actions you can start the dispute. Select the card on the Overview tab and go to PIN and Security -> Dispute a transaction.
  2. You will be guided through creating the dispute. Most of the information is presented and you are asked to provide some additional information. You might be asked for documentation related to the transaction to be disputed.
  3. After you have submitted the dispute to Nordea we will investigate it and get back to you.

Remember attachments

Without the necessary attachments, the complaint processing will be delayed. Attach to the form copies of any material which may prove your right to submit a complaint, such as copies of correspondence between you and the company, your order confirmation, the merchant’s service terms and conditions, receipt, notice of termination, notification you have made to the merchant that you want to withdraw from a regularly made agreement, as you have not specifically accepted the payment obligation related to it (the merchant’s terms and conditions were unclear), or a possible report of an offence.

Remember when making card purchases

Read the merchant’s service terms and conditions with care. In this way, you will avoid committing yourself to continuous and recurring payments you are unaware of. If the agreement is to be made electronically (eg e-commerce), you as a consumer are entitled to receive from the merchant in a clear manner the details mentioned in legislation before accepting the payment transaction. The merchant must also ensure that you specifically accept your payment obligation related to the order. If the company has not ensured in the electronic agreement that you accept your payment obligation, you are entitled to withdraw from the sale. However, you must request the merchant to cancel the sale.