Worried about your loan repayments? – Get help with financial difficulties

All kinds of things can happen in life. Unemployment, illness or some other serious change to your circumstances may leave you struggling financially. If you’re falling behind on your loan repayments, it’s important to know you’re not alone – we can help!

Let us help you with your financial worries!

Reach out to us if you’re falling behind on your loan repayments. Together we can find ways to help you get back on track and avoid additional interest and debt collection costs that could affect your credit record.

You might be able to:

We have put together some of the most common questions we receive about consumer loans and other loans along with answers for each. Take a look at our FAQs to see if you can find ways to improve your financial situation. Remember that you’re always welcome to contact our Customer Service!

Seek help with money worries urgently

If you find yourself having problems with making repayments, get in touch with us as soon as possible! The sooner you contact us, the better we can work out the best option for your individual circumstances. By talking to us about your financial difficulties, you may be able to avoid additional interest and debt collection costs and prevent your credit record from being affected.

Independent help and support

We’re happy to help you sort out your debt with us but if you are looking for more general advice, there are also other organisations that offer in-depth guidance and financial support such as Takuusäätiö and the Finnish Competition and Consumer Authority.

Takuusäätiö: Selviydy veloistasiOpens new window (only in Finnish)

Finnish Competition and Consumer Authority: Payment, bills and debt collection. Advice on how to manage your finances.Opens new window

How do you identify a good loan?

There can be significant differences in the costs and terms of different loans, even if they at first look similar. It's therefore sensible to pay attention and be alert when deciding where you get your loan from.

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Make changes to your FlexiCredit’s repayment plan

You can raise the credit amount, select instalment-free months and make extra repayments free of charge in the Nordea Mobile.

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Is it a good choice to take out FlexiCredit?

FlexiCredit is a good choice when your repayment ability is stable. Check here when it is ok to take out a loan and when you should avoid it.

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