What if you cannot repay your loan?

All kinds of things can happen in life. You can lose your job, become ill or your financial situation might fluctuate for some other reason. If you cannot service your loans, don't stay at home and worry alone, contact us straightaway. We are here to help you.

The main thing is to act promptly

It is better to contact us in advance than too late. This way you can avoid expensive delay and collection costs and you will not have an entry in the credit information register. We will help you to put your finances in order. You can take out instalment-free months or reduce the amount of your monthly payment, for example.

What happens, if you make your payment too late

If you don't make your payments in time, the process will go forward as follows:

1. First you will receive a reminder for the unpaid invoice.

2. If you don't pay now, the invoice will be sent for collection.

3. If you don't pay the collection agency's invoice, it will be sent for execution proceedings with interest.

Avoid an entry in the credit information register

If your payment is sent for execution proceedings by a district court’s decision, you will get an entry in the credit information register. Losing your clean credit history causes all kinds of trouble. It will make renting a flat, getting a loan or even opening a phone subscription more difficult for as long as the next 2 to 4 years. A payment default entry is usually removed from credit information after 2 to 4 years. You can read more about credit information register on Guarantee Foundation’s website.Opens new window

Choose a monthly payment which suits your situation

Before you take out a loan, think carefully what kind of a monthly payment you can manage without tightening your belt too much. The monthly payment includes the instalment, the interest and the account management fee. The loan opening fee is only paid once in connection with the drawdown of the loan.

FlexiCredit is a flexible loan in that you can change your monthly payment later or apply for a grace period.

What will FlexiCredit cost for you?

Make your own loan calculation


The credit amount can be from 2,000 euros up to 50,000 euros, so it suits both small and larger purchases.

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How do you identify a good loan?

There can be significant differences in the costs and terms of different loans, even if they at first look similar. It's therefore sensible to pay attention and be alert when deciding where you get your loan from.

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Is it a good choice to take out FlexiCredit?

FlexiCredit is a good choice when your repayment ability is stable. Check here when it is ok to borrow and when you should avoid it.

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