Currency payments

Cross-border credit transfer refers to a foreign currency denominated credit transfer or a non-SEPA credit transfer. Payments made with access codes are single payments and the beneficiary is required to have an account with a foreign or Finnish bank. Once you have filled in the payment template, check, accept and confirm the payment.

Your benefits:

  • You do not need to fill in a separate order form anymore and return it to a branch.
  • You can use an account denominated either in euros or in another currency for the payment.
  • You have two alternative payment types: ordinary or urgent payment.

Service fees

Under the payment services act, the bank may not execute payment orders which would require illegal charging of fees. The bank will not forward the payments but rejects them. Our customers will receive feedback on rejected payments electronically via Netbank or in some manner agreed.

Payments to the EU member states and EEA countries

Shared costs (SHA) is the only allowed means of charging fees, when the payee's bank is in a EU member state or in an EEA country. 

Other payments

You can send a foreign currency payment so that:

  • the payee will receive the payment deducted with the fees of his or her own bank (shared costs, SHA) or
  • the payee receives the payment in full (all costs from the payer, OUR).

Shared costs is always the most common means and the most inexpensive alternative of charging fees. We recommend the use of "shared costs" if not agreed otherwise.

Routing of incoming payments to Nordea

With a payment instruction you get the payment quickly to your Nordea account by instructing your foreign trading partner of your bank connection information as follows: 

Routing of incoming payments to Nordea
Please instruct your bank to forward payment orders through:Nordea Bank Abp BIC: NDEAFIHH

(IBAN-account number in Nordea, Finland)  

In favour of:(Name and address)

The funds will be credited to the IBAN account stated on the incoming payment. Give the payer the IBAN of the account to which you want the funds to be credited; if you want the funds to a USD account, give the USD account number in the IBAN format.

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