Online banking codes

With your online banking codes, you can log in to mobile bank and Netbank, as well as authenticate yourself in Nordea Customer Service. You can also use your online banking codes to authenticate yourself in other service providers’, such as Kela’s and the Tax Administration’s, services and while paying your online purchases. By starting to use the code app or code calculator, you can be sure that you will be able to use other service providers’ services in future, too.

Login to the old Netbank has changed - make sure to log in to the new Nordea Netbank next time

The new Nordea Netbank features a new design but has many functions you know. Log in to Nordea Netbank using the Nordea ID app or code calculator. 

You can only log in to the old Netbank using a code card.

Online banking codes and authentication alternatives

The online banking codes consist of a permanent user ID and a PIN for the code app or code calculator. Nordea will gradually discontinue the provision of the paper code card, and it will no longer be possible to use it for logging in to other service providers’ services after the autumn of 2019.

When you are using a smartphone or tablet

Activate the code app. With the app, you can log in to mobile bank on a smartphone and a tablet or to Netbank on a computer.

You should install the code app onto two different mobile devices, such as a smartphone and a tablet or a family member’s mobile device. You can also order a code calculator and use it in parallel with the above devices. By doing this, you ensure that you can continue banking normally even if your mobile device is lost or breaks down.

When you are using a computer only

Start using the code calculator with which you log in to Netbank.

1. Nordea ID app

You can download the Nordea ID app to your smartphone or tablet from your device’s app store. With the app, you can log in to Nordea Mobile using your smartphone or tablet or to Netbank on your computer. We recommend installing the Nordea ID app on two mobile devices, for example on a smartphone and on a tablet. By doing this, you will ensure that you can continue banking normally even if your main device is lost or broken. 

Read more and download Nordea ID to your mobile device.

2. Code calculator

It is lightweight, compact, and handy to carry, for example, in the card pocket of your wallet. Order the code calculator in Netbank. Our visually impaired customers get a talking code calculator from any Nordea branch. 

Read more about code calculator.

How to get the online banking codes

  • Become a customer online and receive the online banking codes during the next banking day.
  • Alternatively, you will get the online banking codes from a Nordea branch, and we will open a Netbank agreement for you and help you in activating the codes.

You can make a Netbank agreement:

  • If you are 18 and have an account in Nordea.
  • If you are under-age and have your guardians' consent.
  • If you are 15, you can make the agreement on your own, if  you have an account opened by you and intended for your income and which does not require the consent of your guardians.

An account you are authorised to use or a book-entry account can also be added to the Netbank agreement.   In the above situation, both the accountholder and the authorised user must be present at the branch. A personal customer must be present in person and a corporate customer’s representative must present a decision by the Board of Directors.

If you want to make an agreement on behalf of an association, for example, or want to add to your agreement another person's account, remember to take the necessary documents with you.

View your account information electronically

Netbank's viewing right is a service available to those customers free of charge who do not use Netbank. With the service customers can view their account transactions and credit card balances and receive a monthly account statement electronically. A user ID and a permanent four-digit password are required for the use of Netbank's viewing right.

  • The service is free of charge.
  • Suits customers who do not use Netbank and young customers under 15 (with their parents' authorisation).
  • The agreement is opened in branch.
  • The service shows all the customer's accounts and their e-statements, excluding the ASP account and time deposit accounts. 

  • Netbank's viewing right can be used on a computer or through a mobile device's browser.

 The codes are only intended for viewing account information and cannot be used for identification or payment of bills.

Prepaid access codes

Nordea will no longer issue new prepaid access codes for identification after 1.11.2018 Access codes which have been issued before are active for one year from the date of issuance after which they will close down automatically.

Permanent password

With the permanent password you can see the balances and transactions of your accounts and credit cards, but you will need either the code card or the code app to confirm transactions.

You can view your account and credit card transactions and make credit transfers between your accounts in Nordea. 

The use of the permanent password is included in the access codes fee.