Access codes and means of identification

Your online banking agreement, or Nordea access codes, consist of a user ID and a means of identification. 

The user ID is a sequence of numbers that you first need to enter when you are logging in to Nordea Mobile or Netbank or calling our Customer Service. Your user ID is 6–8 digits long. 

In addition to the user ID, you also need a means of identification provided by Nordea. 

You can choose from these alternatives:

  1. Nordea ID app (recommended)
  2. Nordea ID device
  3. Code calculator and talking code calculator for the visually impaired 
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Nordea ID app

  • Nordea ID is an identification app you can use on your mobile device.
  • You can download the app on more than one device to make sure you always have it with you.
  • It enables you to log in to Nordea Mobile and Netbank, confirm online purchases and access other online services.
  • If you want to use the app to log in to other than Nordea’s services, you will also need to opt for e-identification.

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Nordea ID device and Code calculator

  • The Nordea ID device (black) is a means of identification for those of our customers who don’t have a mobile device on which they could install the Nordea ID app.
  • If you have an old code calculator (white), you can continue to use it as before and you don’t need to do anything. 
  • You can also choose a talking code calculator that has been designed for our visually impaired customers.
  • To get a talking code calculator, please contact our Customer Service to book an appointment in branch.

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How to get Nordea access codes

If you want to get Nordea access codes, you can become a customer on our website or book a meeting in your nearest branch. To get Nordea access codes, you also need to have an account with us.

If you want to use our online service to become a customer, you will need to verify your identity with online banking codes from another Finnish bank. If you don’t yet have online banking codes from any Finnish bank, please call us to book a meeting in branch. 

When you visit one of our branches, we will verify your identity in person from a valid passport or ID card. 

Identity documents accepted by Nordea

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