Is it a good choice to take out FlexiCredit?

FlexiCredit is a good choice when your repayment ability is stable. Check here when it is ok to borrow and when you should avoid it.

FlexiCredit is a good choice when your repayment ability is stable. Check here when it is ok to borrow and when you should avoid it. 

Many of us avoid borrowing money to the last; whatever the object or reason. But sometimes FlexiCredit can be a better alternative than using your savings. FlexiCredit is easy to apply for and is intended for realising even bigger dreams or for financing everyday expenses It is good to have a cash buffer, as as you may need your savings for unexpected costs. 

The three most common reasons to take out FlexiCredit

1. Renovation

Whether realising a wonderful interior decoration idea or doing some compulsory fixes around the house, many of us want to do renovation as soon as possible. With FlexiCredit you can realise your plans at once and take care of the repayment afterwards. If you are doing compulsory renovation and your home is sufficient as security, you can also link the renovation loan to your housing loan. In other cases, FlexiCredit is a good alternative.

2. Buying a car, motorcycle or boat

Buying a vehicle can bring you both pleasure and benefit. Saving the entire price takes time, so why not ask for FlexiCredit. It is especially suitable for car financing when you buy your car from a private vendor. 

3. Holidys and hobbies

Many of us are willing to invest in the quality of life: hobbies, gardening, or a holiday for the whole family. FlexiCredit suits well for one-off acquisitions which you then can gradually pay off.

When is FlexiCredit not recommended?

FlexiCredit is not recommended if your repayment ability is not sufficient or if suspect in advance that you will not be able to repay your loan. Flexible credit, consumer credit – many finance companies offer different kinds of financing solutions. Always negotiate with your bank on a loan to make sure that you will get a reliable solution tailored to your needs.

What will FlexiCredit cost for you?

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The credit amount can be from 2,000 euros up to 50,000 euros, so it suits both small and larger purchases.

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How do you identify a good loan?

There can be significant differences in the costs and terms of different loans, even if they at first look similar. It's therefore sensible to pay attention and be alert when deciding where you get your loan from.

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What if you cannot repay your loan?

We will help you to put your finances in order. You can take out instalment-free months or reduce the amount of your monthly payment, for example.

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