The three most common reasons to take out FlexiCredit

Buying a car, motorcycle or boat

Buying a vehicle can bring you both pleasure and benefit. FlexiCredit is especially suitable for car financing when you buy your car from a private vendor.

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Transfer your debt

Many of us take out credit almost without noticing it when we shop for new items, even though it’s obvious we could get a more flexible and more sensible loan from our own bank. As a Nordea customer, you can combine all of your consumer loans and instalment and credit card debt from other providers into a single loan, namely a consolidation loan.

How to transfer your debt to Nordea.


There are many alternatives to renovating. If you have enough assets to provide security, you can apply for secured consumer credit.

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When is FlexiCredit not recommended?

Flexible credit, consumer credit – many finance companies offer different kinds of financing solutions. Always negotiate with your bank on a loan to make sure that you will get a reliable solution tailored to your needs.

FlexiCredit is not recommended if your repayment ability is not sufficient or if suspect in advance that you will not be able to repay your loan. 

Remember to save as well

By making regular investments in funds, you can grow your savings over time. Money held on a savings account gives you security, but if you invest your savings wisely, you can gain better returns and grow your wealth over time. Regular fund saving is a smart and flexible way of accumulating your savings at a pace that suits your personal circumstances.

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