New payment solutions for Finns!

When you have a Mastercard from Nordea (including Stockmann Mastercard, Finnair Plus Mastercard or Tuohi Mastercard), you can activate LAKS Pay products as payment instruments. You can pay with them just like a regular card – without touching payment terminals. 

Mastercard and LAKS Pay

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To use the latest LAKS wearables you will also need a Mastercard. If you do not have a Nordea Mastercard, apply for one now.

Apply for Mastercard here.

Watch introduction video about LAKS Pay

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How to order and activate a LAKS Pay wearable

How to order a LAKS Pay wearable

  1. Choose the wearable you want and pay for it at
  2. Select the Nordea Mastercard you want to use with your LAKS Pay wearable and link it to your order on Your order won’t be shipped unless you have linked a payment card to your wearable. Please note that you can only link one Nordea Mastercard, such as Nordea Gold, to one LAKS wearable. The card details can’t be changed later. 
  3. LAKS Pay will deliver the wearable you ordered by post.

Once you have ordered your LAKS Pay wearable, you will receive a confirmation of your order via email from both LAKS Pay and Manage-Mii. The email from Manage-Mii includes a link to create a password, which you will need to do first before you can start using the Manage-Mii app. 

If you haven’t received the emails, please check your spam folder. 

How to activate a LAKS Pay wearable

  1. Once you have received your LAKS Pay wearable, open the Nordea Mobile app in your phone. 
  2. In Nordea Mobile, select the card you have linked to your wearable > go to Settings > Manage devices. You can also activate your wearable by calling Nordea Customer Service on 0200 70 000Opens new window.  
  3. Download and install the ManageMii app on your phone from App Store or Play Store. Log in to the app with the same email address you used to order your wearable. ManageMii allows you to track the payments you make with your wearable and reset your wearable every time your payments reach a total of 100 euros. The connection to the ManageMii app ensures that no one else will be able to use your wearable if you lose it.

Nordea Finance customers with a Tuohi Mastercard, Stockmann Mastercard or Finnair Plus Mastercard:

If you have a Tuohi Mastercard, Stockmann Mastercard or Finnair Plus Mastercard issued by Nordea Finance but you’re not a Nordea customer, please contact Nordea Finance Customer Service through Nordea OmapostiOpens new window and we’ll help activate your card so that you can use it to pay with your wearable.

Security limits for LAKS Pay wearables

Using LAKS Pay is safe. You can pay with your wearable five times or until you have made purchases accumulating to the value of 150 euros. After that you will need to verify your identity in the ManageMii app. Download ManageMii from your phone’s app store, and when you reach the security limit, reset the spending meter in the app. After the reset, you can continue to pay with your LAKS Pay wearable. 

Questions and answers about LAKS Pay

Need help?

Nordea’s Customer Service can help you if you have questions about the activation or your card. If you have questions about LAKS Pay products, please contact LAKS directly: .