A fund with a focus on social empowerment

Nordea Global Social Empowerment Fund invests in companies that create positive social solutions. Investments can be made, for instance, in an Indonesian bank granting micro loans to female entrepreneurs. Investments can also be made in a fast-expanding IT company that creates inspiring teaching material for children around the world.

The fund invests in approximately 50 companies worldwide and focuses on the three themes below: 

Vital needs – nutritious food and affordable housing

Inclusion – access to digital services and education

Empowerment – access to financial services

The fund is managed by Nordea Fundamental Equities Team, the same team managing Nordea Global Climate and Environment Fund and many of Nordea’s Stars funds.

”Development is rapid in this area at the moment. As a result of the pandemic, there are now more people worldwide living in poverty. However, the pandemic has also made us realise how important it is to help each other. Now many people want to make a positive impact on society with their savings,” says Thomas Sørensen, one of the two portfolio managers of the fund.

Aligned with the UN Sustainable Development Goals

The aim of the UN’s ambitious 2030 Sustainable Development Agenda is to provide a blueprint for sustainable development. This includes ending extreme poverty, reducing inequality and injustice in the world and solving the climate crisis. As many as 11 of these 17 sustainability goals are related to social issues.

So far, too few investments have been made in areas that promote social objectives. The pandemic and the recent attention to social injustice have increased our awareness. Actions and major investments for the future are needed now.

Past performance is not a guarantee of future results

Past fund performance is not a guarantee of future fund results. Investment funds always involve a risk, as the value of the investments may rise or fall, and the investor may lose the entire capital invested.

The key investor information documents, fund rules, annual report and half-year report are available at nordea.fi/funds.

The information provided on this website is intended for general product information only and does not constitute investment advice or recommendations.

Basic information on the fund

  • SFDR category: Article 9
  • Ongoing charges p.a: 1,85% 
  • Fund company: Nordea Investments Funds S.A. 
  • Additional information on performance and other fund facts are available at nordea.fi/funds

Nordea Global Social Empowerment Fund

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