Estate inventory
Establishment of the parties to the estate
How to report the assets and debts of the estate
Delivery of the estate inventory deed to Nordea

The estate inventory must be conducted within three months of the death

You will need a report on the family relationships of the deceased person from the age of 15 until their date of death for the estate inventory to determine their heirs. The estate inventory deed drawn up during the estate inventory process must include the deceased’s assets as well as the estate’s debts and deductions. The will and prenuptial agreement, if there are any, should be appended to the estate inventory deed.  

The estate inventory must be conducted within three months of the death. You also need to submit a copy of the estate inventory deed and its appendices to the Tax Administration within one month of the estate inventory proceedings. 

The appendices to the estate inventory deed include the following:

  • the will and prenuptial agreement if there are any 
  • the deed of distribution if the estate has been distributed
  • the deed of partition or distribution if the deceased’s spouse died before them and the matrimonial property has been partitioned and distributed among the heirs of both spouses.

For more information about drawing up an estate inventory deed, please visit the Tax Administrations's websiteOpens new window.

Documents you need from us for the estate inventory deed 

We will automatically send information about the deceased person’s accounts and other assets with Nordea to their last known address for the purpose of drawing up the estate inventory deed. You need to order the balance statement of the widow(er) separately by contacting our Customer Service. You should also request this information from your loved one’s other banks.  

If the deceased had a safety deposit box, the contents, including any assets and documents, need to be inventoried. Contact us to book an appointment in branch for an inventory of the safety deposit box. 

Frequently asked questions about estate inventory