Estate’s banking before the estate inventory is completed

We will be notified of the death of your loved one through the Population Information System. You can do some of the estate’s banking, such as paying bills, before the estate inventory has been completed. You can manage an estate’s banking with Nordea from home using our digital channels.

Banking before the estate inventory is completed

You can pay invoices addressed to the deceased person or their estate before the estate inventory is completed. For this, we do not need an extract from the Population Information System for the deceased person.

The invoices can also be paid by someone who is not a party to the death estate as soon as you have notified us of the death.

Before the estate inventory is completed, any party to the estate may do the following:

  • take inventory of a deposit box
  • stop any direct debits
  • get information on the deceased’s accounts and services for the date of death and the subsequent period.

Please provide us with a copy of the report on the deceased’s family relationships, which you can order from their local parish or the Digital and Population Data Services Agency. We need this to confirm that you are a party to the estate. If you are a universal beneficiary, a copy of the will proves that you are a party to the estate.

The easiest way to deliver the report on the deceased’s family relationships to us is to use our digital Omaposti mailbox service. Select “Estate matters” as the topic of the new message.

Bills of the deceased and the estate

Before the estate inventory, you may pay the following bills from the estate’s account:  

  • bills generated prior to death, such as medical bills and bills related to the deceased’s home 
  • funeral bills.

To pay the estate’s bills, you can contact Nordea Customer Service, tel 0200 70 000 (local rates apply), or open an expense account for the estate online. The person authorised to manage the estate’s banking will be able to access the expense account through their own Nordea Netbank.

See our price list for bill payments.

Estate’s expense account 

An estate’s expense account is available for Nordea customers. It makes it easy for a party to the estate or another person with access to the estate’s account to pay the bills of the estate in their Nordea Netbank before the estate inventory is completed. The estate needs to have an account with Nordea.

Opening an expense account requires the consent of all parties to the estate known before the estate inventory. They provide a power of attorney for opening the expense account and adding the account to the authorised person’s Nordea Netbank. 

A maximum of 10,000 euros or a smaller amount that is estimated to cover any upcoming bills may be transferred to the expense account from the estate’s other accounts with Nordea. 

To open the expense account, you need to fill in two forms:

You can send all forms and documents to Nordea digitally via Omaposti at Select “Estate matters” as the topic of the new message.

Contact us

If you have any questions about looking after an estate, please call Nordea Customer Service, tel 0200 70 000 (local rates apply). Select “estate” as the reason you are calling and we will put you through to one of our bereavement specialists.

Estate inventory and deed of distribution for Premium Customers:

  1. our legal counsel specialised in wealth management will help you in an online or face-to-face meeting or
  2. we will direct you to the service you need.

Terminate payment service agreements and direct debits

Any payment service agreements and direct debits the deceased had will remain in force. We recommend that you terminate these to avoid unnecessary expenses. Meanwhile, any e-invoices, online banking codes, access to accounts as well as payment and parallel cards will be terminated automatically. 

Life and health insurance policies are deactivated on the date of death. These insurance policies often include an insurance benefit, which you need to claim separately. You can file a life insurance claim with the insurance company before the estate inventory. Visit (in Finnish) for instructions on how to file a claim with Nordea. The insurance benefit is paid in accordance with the beneficiary clause in the insurance policy.

Estate inventory and estate inventory deed

The estate inventory deed drafted during the estate inventory process includes a list of all the parties to the estate, the deceased person’s assets and debts and the estate’s tax return.

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Estate distribution and inheritance tax

The estate’s assets with Nordea can be distributed once we have verified the parties to the estate from the estate inventory deed.

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