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Card transactions will show with a delay

19 September 2021: Due to technical maintenance, your card transactions will show in your account with a delay, early next week. 

Cards will function otherwise as normal.

We apologise for any inconvenience caused.

Phishing attempts

19 September 2021: There are various scams and phishing attempts going around, and many fake messages and websites may look deceptively real. 
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Introducing a login identifier for logging in to the new Netbank with the Nordea Codes app 

16 September 2021: When logging in to Netbank with the Nordea Codes app, you will now see a 4-character login identifier. Make sure the same 4 characters are shown both in the Nordea Codes app and on the Netbank login page. If they match, you can continue logging in as usual. You don’t need to key in the login identifier.

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Wondering where your tax refunds are?

2 August 2021: Tax refunds are no longer paid on one single day for all taxpayers. Most individuals will receive their tax refund in August or September. The last payments will be made in December.  

In 2021, the refunds of prepayments will be paid on 5 July, 3 August, 3 September, 4 October, 3 November or 3 December. The payment date depends on when your tax assessment process ends. It ends at different times for different people. You can see the end date on your tax decision. 

The payment dates of refunds of other than prepayments, such as VATs and real estate taxes, vary each month. 

The tax refunds are paid into your bank account if the Tax Administration knows your valid account number. The Tax Administration prefers to pay the tax refunds into a bank account, so they will run rechecks to determine whether you have submitted your valid bank account number to them. If you haven’t, your tax refunds will be paid through Nordea in the form of a money order. When the Tax Administration has your bank account number, your tax refunds will be available to you much earlier than with a money order. 

Tax refunds paid through money orders have different payment dates. After you have received a notification of a money order, Nordea customers can cash their tax refunds by post. If you are not a customer in Nordea you can cash your tax refund by visiting a Nordea branch offering cashier services. The money order must be cashed within 28 days.

If you have not cashed the money order in 28 days, Nordea sends your refund back to the Tax Administration.  You will then receive a letter asking you to inform the Tax Administration of your bank account number. When you have submitted your account number in MyTax, you will receive the refund to your bank account in a week.

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Customer notice May–June 2021

24 May 2021: In May–June, we will send our personal customers a notice about upcoming changes that will take effect in the autumn. The letter will be sent to our customers to Nordea Mobile and Netbank or as a printed letter by post. Read more about the customer notice.

New features in mobile bank

18 May 2021: In Nordea Mobile, you can now do the following: 

  • Add your accounts and cards in other banks to Nordea Mobile, and you will be able to view them all at the same time.
  • Edit the repayments of your credit card: choose the due date and instalment percentage as well as the two instalment-free months.

These new features will be available to you in the latest version of Nordea Mobile (3.20). Check out what else Nordea Mobile has to offerOpens new window.

Costs and charges statements

14 May 2021: The deliveries of the costs and charges statements for the previous year have been started. Please note that information on your accounts and insurance savings is excluded from the overview. You can check your account transactions in Netbank and mobile bank, and if you have insurance policies from Nordea Life Assurance Finland Ltd, you will receive separate reports on the funds included in your insurance contracts and other investments. 

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Change of payment limit on your debit card 

14 April 2021: The daily limit for Nordea Visa Debit cards will apply to card transactions at stores and online as well as to bill payments at payment ATMs. If the daily limit on your Nordea Visa Debit card is set at zero, you will no longer be able to pay your purchases with your card at store checkouts. This change only applies to Nordea Visa Debit cards and not the debit feature of combination cards. Please check your daily limit and edit it if needed.

How do I check and edit my card’s daily limit? 

If you have Nordea’s access codes, you can edit your card’s daily limit as follows:

  1. In the new Netbank: go to Finances -> Cards. Select the card whose settings you wish to change and edit the settings under ‘Card details’.
  2. In the old Netbank: go to Everyday finances -> Cards -> Security limits/Usage area and Internet. 
  3. In Nordea Mobile: go to Overview -> select the card -> Settings.

We will serve you by appointment only

8 March 2021: In order to secure the safest banking possible for you, our branches across Finland serve customers by appointment only as of 8 March. Cashier services will remain available as usual. 
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Phishing attempts

18 February 2021: There are various scams and phishing attempts going around, and many fake messages and websites may look deceptively real. Read our tips for secure banking and share them with your friends and family, too.
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