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Exhibition featuring works from the collection of Nordea Art Foundation Finland will open at the Didrichsen Art Museum in February 10, 2024

9.2.2024 Exhibition featuring works from the collection of Nordea Art Foundation Finland will open at the Didrichsen Art Museum in February 10, 2024

The Didrichsen Art Museum’s spring 2024 exhibition “Taide muuttuvassa maassa (Art in a Changing Land) – Works from the Collection of Nordea Art Foundation Finland” features works from the significant collection of the Nordea Art Foundation. The exhibition will include works from Ferdinand von Wright, Helene Schjerfbeck and Akseli Gallen-Kallela and also by Finnish modernists such as Rut Bryk, Ahti Lavonen and Paul Osipow.

As our customer, you will get a discount of 2 euros when you pay the exhibition entry fee at the museum with your Nordea card. Before paying the entry fee, please mention that you’ll use your Nordea card. We cannot refund the discount after the payment has been made.

The exhibition will run from 10 February to 26 May 2024.


Beware of SMS and email phishing

Never click on the links in SMS or email and enter your card details or login with your online access codes. Nordea will never ask you for your online access codes on the phone, by email or by text message.

We will never request your personal banking details or ask you to follow a link to log in to Nordea Mobile or Netbank in our newsletters.

We have updated our privacy policy

7 December 2023 Nordea’s privacy policy has been updated as part of our annual review process. The policy describes how we collect, use, store and share your personal data. It also describes the rights that you have under the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

Our privacy policy has been updated to give you a better understanding of how we use your personal data. The following updates have been made: 

  • The language has been clarified and thus made easier to read
  • We have updated the information about the personal data that is collected, the purposes of the collection and the lawful basis for collecting it. 

You can read the privacy policy in full length and we have also sampled some of the most frequent questions about the privacy policy below.


Q: What is the privacy policy?

A: The privacy policy describes what kind of information about you that Nordea collects and uses, the purposes for doing so and on what lawful basis. The policy also describes who we share the information with and how long the information is retained. Also, the policy describes what rights you have in relation to your information and how to exercise your rights.

Q: Why has the privacy policy been updated?

A: An annual review of the policy is conducted to make sure that the content is relevant and up to date, so that we are transparent towards you about how your personal data is used.

Q: What has been updated?

A: Our privacy policy has been updated to give you a better understanding of how we use your personal data. In addition, we have made updates to present our practices in a way that is easy to read.

The updates include: 

  • Clarified information about video surveillance.
  • Clarification about the periods for retaining personal data, e.g. how long personal data can be stored.
  • More clarifying examples for transparency.
  • Improved structure and incorporated legal design.

We will start sending our newsletter by email from 22 November

21 November 2023  We will start sending our newsletter by email to our customers who have consented to this. 

The newsletter will contain the latest useful tips on how to bank smoothly with us. Your bank or the authorities will never ask for your online banking codes, card details or PIN by email or text message. They will use secure channels for these types of communications.

Our tips for safer banking

Take your financial literacy to the next level with our financial skills course 

15 November 2023  Good financial literacy is one of the cornerstones of well-being for individuals and society as a whole. To make it easier for every Finn to acquire basic skills in managing their personal finances, Nordea has published a series of financial skills training videos that are available to the public. The financial skills videos form a training module composed of four themes: financial vocabulary, saving, budgeting and buying a home. 

The course is intended for anyone who is interested in the basics of financial skills, such as young adults who are moving out of their parents’ home or considering buying their first home. 

The aim of the course is to equip you with basic financial skills that help you to: 

  • adopt new habits 
  • improve the management of your personal finances 
  • make better financial decisions.

Each video lasts for about 15 minutes, followed by questions that help you apply your newly learned knowledge in practice.

The videos are available at

Our old Netbank and code cards were discontinued on the 15th of November

15 November 2023  Our old Netbank and code cards were discontinued on the 15th of November 2023. You can now do your banking in our new Nordea Netbank instead.

Are you looking for tips and guidance on how to use our digital banking services? We provide a broad range of advice and support through various channels.  

We are here to help you – For further information please visit and

Beware of phishing messages and calls

30 October 2023  People in Finland are being targeted by phishing scams via text messages and emails. These appear to be coming from a legitimate source, such as the Tax Administration, your bank, the post office or some other service provider. Please don’t use your Nordea access codes on websites that you have accessed through a link in a text message or email. 

The fraudulent text message or email is often followed by a phone call from someone pretending to be a representative of Nordea. The caller tells you that the text message or email you received is a phishing scam and that your banking details have been compromised. They claim that your money is at risk and that you need to move it some place safe. The caller may tell you that they will open a new account for you to which you should transfer your money. 

Please keep in mind that we will never open a new account for you in case of suspicion of fraud and ask you to transfer money to the new account. We will also never ask you to confirm a credit transfer or any other transaction in a phone call.   

If you receive a call that appears to be coming from Nordea and the caller is asking you to confirm or make credit transfers or card payments, don’t follow the caller’s instructions. Hang up the call and contact our Customer Service.  

Issues with the Nordea ID app on Apple devices

30 October 2023  Apple will release its new iOS17.1 update soon. Always remember to update your phone to the latest version.

22 September 2023  Apple has released the new iOS17 version, which may cause the Nordea ID app to stop working for some customers. For this reason, we have released a new version (2.3.5) of the Nordea ID app. 

Please download the new version of the Nordea ID app and open it once before installing iOS17.

What to do if your Nordea ID app doesn’t work and your device runs iOS17 

  1. uninstall the existing Nordea ID app from your device
  2. download the Nordea ID app again from the App Store 
  3. reactivate the app using a Nordea ID app installed on another device or another Finnish bank’s online credentials or by ordering an activation code in the app delivered by text message and a PIN delivered by post.

We apologise for any inconvenience caused.

Read more about how to activate the Nordea ID app.

Nordea named Best Digital Bank in Finland

8 September 2023  Nordea received six country and subcategory awards in Global Finance Magazine’s Best Digital Banks 2023 ranking. Among the awards won by Nordea were Best Digital Bank in Finland and Best User Experience (UX) Design in Western Europe. 

Read more about this recognition (in Finnish). 

Solutions for your everyday banking

Winter is coming - Small

If you’re anxious about having enough money to pay for everything, you should explore some solutions that add flexibility to your loan repayments and other expenses.

You will receive tips and advice on managing your finances, including when you feel you’re struggling with all your bills.

Read more about our solutions

Frequent questions about the privacy policy

Nordea Electron cards replaced by Nordea Debit cards

9 February 2022: Visa Electron, a product of the international card company Visa, will be discontinued in 2024. This means that if you have a Nordea Electron card, we will automatically replace it with a Nordea Debit card when your card expires or you need to renew your card. You will no longer be able to pay with a Visa Electron card after April 2024.

Nordea Debit includes the same features as your Nordea Electron card. The only difference is the card’s name and design.

Your card will be replaced automatically so you don’t need to do anything.