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New security limits for payments

30.5.2024  Scams are becoming increasingly common. We are constantly developing our security solutions to help our customers protect themselves from attempted scams even more effectively.

As one action, we will enhance payment security and introduce new security limits for payments made in Nordea Mobile and Netbank.

What this means for you is that you may need to call Nordea Customer Service in order for a payment to go through. We will let you know in Nordea Mobile or Netbank if this is the case after you have confirmed a payment. 

Frequently asked questions 

When will a payment exceed the security limit?  

Some payments made in Nordea Mobile and Netbank may require a call to Nordea Customer Service. These payments include irregular payments picked up by our systems, for example. 

To which payments does the security limit apply?  

The security limits apply to payments made in Nordea Mobile and Netbank.  

Can I set the security limit for payments myself? 

No, customers can’t set the security limits for payments made in Nordea Mobile and Netbank.  

Nordea opens a new cash service branch in Pasila, Helsinki

14 May 2024  On 10 June, we opened a new branch in Pasila, Helsinki, which provides cash services without an appointment. The opening hours of the new branch will be Mon–Fri 10.00–16.30. The branch is located near Mall of Tripla and is easy to access by car and public transport. At the same time, we will close our Annankatu cash service branch on 7 June.

In the new branch in Pasila, our customers can withdraw and deposit cash and pay bills.

A new type of fraud detected, asking the recipients to make a call 

10.5.2024  We have been made aware of fraudulent text messages seemingly coming from different companies, asking the recipient to call a number included in the message. The messages are making claims about an overdue payment or collection proceedings, for example. These scam messages don’t include a link but a phone number which the recipient should call. The phone number doesn’t belong to the company that has seemingly sent the message. Instead, the call will be answered by criminals posing as the company’s employees. 

During the call, the criminals may claim that the caller must transfer their money to safety, that someone has applied for a loan in their name or that they must install anti-virus software on their device. The criminals are phishing for online banking codes or trying to get the caller to confirm payments or to download malicious software on their phone.

To ensure safe banking:

  • If you are asked to contact a company, check the company’s contact details from its website.
  • Never click on any links in messages and enter your online banking codes or card details.
  • Remember that reliable companies will never ask for your online banking codes or card details over the phone or urge you to make payments.
  • Only install apps from your device’s app store.
  • If you want more information about the malicious software, visit the website of the National Cyber Security Centre Finland

The Tax Administration will send e-invoice proposals to some of our customers

30 April 2024  The Tax Administration will send an e-invoice proposal to some of our customers in Nordea Mobile and Netbank in June. The proposal will be sent to the customers who pay real estate tax and have given a Nordea account number to the Tax Administration for tax refunds but have not ordered an e-invoice yet.

You can see the e-invoice proposal in Nordea Mobile under ‘Payments and e-invoices’ and in Netbank under ‘E-invoices’. If you accept the proposal by clicking or tapping it, you will receive e-invoices for your real estate taxes as well as any prepayments and back taxes as well as inheritance and gift taxes directly in Nordea Mobile and Netbank. 

You have 30 days to accept the e-invoice proposal. After that, the proposal will be deleted automatically.

E-invoice is an easy way to pay your invoices – and you can receive e-invoices anywhere and anytime. You can also start using automatic payment which means that payments will be debited to your account automatically on the due date. 

Safe online, beware of phishing

19 April 2024  Never click on the links in SMS or email and enter your card details or login with your online access codes. Phishing emails may also contain an attachment with a link to a phishing page. Never let anyone download any additional applications on your device. Nordea or authorities never ask you to disclose your online access codes via phone, messages or social media. 

Nordea never contacts you to open a new “safe account” or transfer your money to a "safe account".  We will never request your personal banking details or ask you to follow a link to log in to Nordea Mobile or Netbank in our newsletters. 

Exhibition featuring works from the collection of Nordea Art Foundation Finland will open at the Didrichsen Art Museum in February 10, 2024

9.2.2024 Exhibition featuring works from the collection of Nordea Art Foundation Finland will open at the Didrichsen Art Museum in February 10, 2024

The Didrichsen Art Museum’s spring 2024 exhibition “Taide muuttuvassa maassa (Art in a Changing Land) – Works from the Collection of Nordea Art Foundation Finland” features works from the significant collection of the Nordea Art Foundation. The exhibition will include works from Ferdinand von Wright, Helene Schjerfbeck and Akseli Gallen-Kallela and also by Finnish modernists such as Rut Bryk, Ahti Lavonen and Paul Osipow.

As our customer, you will get a discount of 2 euros when you pay the exhibition entry fee at the museum with your Nordea card. Before paying the entry fee, please mention that you’ll use your Nordea card. We cannot refund the discount after the payment has been made.

The exhibition will run from 10 February to 26 May 2024.


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