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Did you receive a letter about your InterestExtra Account changing to a PerkAccount?

We are simplifying our account offering and will remove InterestExtra Accounts from our account selection for this reason. InterestExtra periods no longer revolve automatically, which means no interest is currently paid on the accounts.

As of 1 April 2022, all InterestExtra Accounts with a balance will change to PerkAccounts, and InterestExtra Accounts with no balance will be terminated. We have sent a letter about this change to all account holders with a valid InterestExtra Account as at 30 November 2021. 

You don’t have to do anything for this change to take place and your account number will remain the same. You can pay bills and transfer money from your PerkAccount without any restrictions. Further information on PerkAccounts as well as the account terms and conditions are available at

How do I know if my InterestExtra Account has changed to a PerkAccount? 

All InterestExtra Accounts with a balance will change to PerkAccounts on 1 April 2022. After this date, the name of your account will change to PerkAccount in Nordea Netbank and Nordea Mobile and on your balance statement. 

I already have a PerkAccount and don’t need another one. What should I do? 

If you transfer all the money in your InterestExtra Account to another account by 31 March 2022, we will terminate your InterestExtra Account on 1 April 2022. You can also send us a message in Nordea Netbank or Nordea Mobile or call our Customer Service and request your account to be terminated. 

The InterestExtra Account has been my savings account. What other options do I have now? 

To learn more about the various saving solutions we offer, visit > Savings and investments. Our digital investment adviser Nora is available at If you answer a few questions from Nora, you will get a recommendation for saving alternatives that best suit your needs. You can also call Nordea Customer Service. We will be happy to tell you more about our saving and investment alternatives.

Did you receive a request for updating your customer information? 

3 January 2022: To ensure safe and smooth banking, it’s important that your customer information is always up to date. We regularly ask our customers to update their information and will therefore send some of our customers a letter beginning of the year requesting them to update their information. If you receive this letter by post, please read it carefully. 

We offer two convenient ways to update your customer information: online or over the phone. In the case of an update of a minor's custmer information, one of the parents / guardians can update the information by calling Nordea Customer Service.

  1. The easiest way to update your information is to do it on our websiteOpens new window if you have online banking codes from Nordea or any other Finnish bank. 
  2. You can also contact Nordea Customer Service, tel 0200 70 000 (local rates apply), to update your information.

Kindly note that to update your customer information in branch, you first need to book an appointment. 

For more information, visit our website

Did you get our letter about switching from paper account statements to digital ones?

17 December 2021 Here at Nordea, we are reducing the number of paper letters we send in order to protect the environment. This also applies to your account statements mentioned in the letter, which have been sent to you on paper. As of 28 February 2022, you will receive these account statements in a digital format – free of charge, as before.

We will deliver your account statements to your digital mailbox, Nordea Omaposti. You can log in to Omaposti at To log in, you will need to have online banking codes from Nordea or another Finnish bank.

The letter you received requires no action from you if you want to receive electronic account statements. If you don’t have online banking codes or if you want to continue to receive printed account statements free of charge, please fill in the form attached to the letter and send it to us in the enclosed envelope by 14 February 2022.

Nordea Codes will be called Nordea ID app as of 14 December

7 December 2021: The Nordea Codes app will get a new name in December: Nordea ID app. The name change won’t affect how the app works so you can continue to use it as before. With the app, you can easily do your banking and verify your identity when logging in to a variety of services anywhere and anytime. 

The updated app will be available in December and include a handy new feature enabling you to log in to the new Nordea Netbank and various third-party services by scanning a QR code. This means you can now choose from three log-in methods: QR code, user ID or code calculator. 

When logging in with a QR code, you don’t need to enter your user ID – all you need to do is scan the QR code using the Nordea ID app. However, you must log in to the website where you wish to use the QR code on a different device than the one where you have the Nordea ID app. This way, you'll be able to scan the code with your camera.

With the Nordea ID app you can:

  • log in to Nordea’s services and confirm orders and actions
  • confirm online payments in a secure way
  • verify your identity when logging in to third-party services, such as, and the police’s online services
  • verify your identity when calling Nordea Customer Service.

The app will be updated to the latest version automatically. You will see the new name and be able to log in with a QR code as of 14 December 2021. If you haven’t enabled your device to automatically install app updates, make sure to download the new version of the app from your app store.

Read more about Nordea ID app.

Login identifier to be gradually added to third-party services

20 October 2021: When you log in to the new Nordea Netbank with the Nordea ID app, you will see a login identifier which consists of 4 characters.

Now the login identifier will also appear when you log in to services provided by third parties (such as Klarna). 

Make sure the same 4 characters are shown both in your Nordea ID app and on the login page of Nordea Netbank or a third-party service. If the login identifiers match, you can log in to the service as usual. You don’t need to key in the login identifier.

Read more about the login identifier

Beware of phishing messages

28 September 2021: Nordea customers have recently been targeted by phishing attempts, especially emails which seem as if they were sent by Nordea. The emails create a sense of urgency and use some other excuse to try to get your online banking codes. Never click on any links in such emails and enter your online banking codes or card details.

Please remember that Nordea will never send you emails or text messages asking for your online banking codes or urging you to log in to Netbank. You should never give anyone your online banking codes over the phone, either.

To protect yourself from scams, use the Nordea Mobile app for your banking or type in the address field of your browser to access Nordea Netbank.