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Maintenance break in savings accounts and Messages on 4 December

2 December 2022  We will conduct technical maintenance in our systems on Sunday 4 Dec between 01.30 and 04.00 in the morning. During that day, some of our customers will be unable to view their savings accounts and send us messages in Nordea Mobile and Netbank. 

Current accounts and cards will function normally. 

We apologise for any inconvenience caused by the maintenance.

Agreements on Netbank viewing rights will end on 1 December 2022

1 December 2022  We are revising and updating our online banking services. For this reason, current agreements on Netbank viewing rights will end on 1 December 2022. This agreement has enabled to view account details with a user ID and a 4-digit password in the old Netbank without having a valid Netbank agreement. As of 1 December 2022, you will need to have a valid Netbank agreement and Nordea access codes to view your accounts in Netbank.

For more information about our access codes and how much they cost, visit

We have updated our privacy policy

23 November 2022  Nordea’s privacy policy has been updated as part of our annual review process. The policy describes how we collect, use, store and share your personal data. It also describes the rights that you have under the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). 

Our privacy policy has been updated to give you a better understanding of how we use your personal data. 

The following updates have been made: 

  • The language has been clarified and thus made easier to read
  • We have updated the information about the personal data that is collected, the purposes of the collection and the lawful basis for collecting it. 

You can read the privacy policy in full length hereOpens new window and we have also sampled some of the most frequent questions about the privacy policy below:

Frequent questions about the privacy policy

Travel agency Detur has filed for bankruptcy 

7 November 2022 If you have paid a Detur trip with a Nordea Mastercard, you can dispute the transaction. Go to the dispute instructions and form.

We are currently busier than usual with the processing of card disputes and we ask for your patience. 

Please note that the travel insurance policy included in a card does not cover bankruptcies.

Text messages sent in error

21 October 2022  If you received a text message about a new document in Nordea Mobile and Netbank on Wednesday 19 October but you can’t find the document the message refers to, there’s no need to worry. We sent this text message to some of our customers by accident. 

We are sorry for any confusion or inconvenience. 

Oldest Nordea Mobile versions to be discontinued

12 October 2022  If you are using Nordea Mobile with a version number below 4.1, you must update the Nordea Mobile app on your device to a new version. You can see the version number of the Nordea Mobile app you are using at the bottom of the login page.

By discontinuing some old app versions, we want to ensure that you have the best possible banking experience and safe use of services. Therefore it is important for you to update your mobile bank to the latest version every time you receive a notification. 

Follow these instructions to update your Nordea Mobile app: 

  1. Open the Nordea Mobile app on your device.
  2. Tap the ‘Update Nordea Mobile’ button.
  3. You will now be moved to your app store.
  4. Update the app. 

Open an ASP account via digital channel

13 September 2022  Now you can open an ASP Account so conveniently in Mobile or Netbank if you are between 18 and 39 years of age. Saving into an ASP account is a cost-effective way of financing your own home. When you save at least 10% of the price of your home, we will lend you the rest. Read more about ASP account.

Our mobile banking app is getting an upgrade

12 September 2022  We will launch a new version of our Nordea Mobile app for personal customers as of 12 September. The update will be rolled out to app users gradually over the course of two weeks. The app will have two new tabs, which will provide you with more tools to support your financial well-being. The new tabs are:  Insights and Overview.  

  • On the Overview tab, you can see all your finances in one place as well as add, hide or rearrange content to personalise your experience.
  • The Insights tab automatically tracks your monthly spending. With a new breakdown of your income and expenses by category, you gain a deeper understanding of your finances. 

Please update your app as soon as you get the update notification to enjoy all the new features. 

Discover the new features

Tax refund payment dates 

30 June 2022  In 2022, tax refunds will be paid on 4 July, 3 August, 5 September, 3 October, 5 November or 5 December. You can see the date of your tax refund on your tax decision.  

Tax refund paid to your account

The tax refunds are paid into your bank account if the Tax Administration knows your valid account number. If you can’t see the refund on your account, we recommend checking your account again later, as the payments are made on that day and it may take a while for them to come through. Your tax refund payment date may have also been postponed if you supplemented your tax declaration after the initial decision, for example. Read more on the websiteOpens new window

Tax refund paid through a money order

If you haven’t provided your account number to the Tax Administration, you will receive a money order for your tax refund. Tax refunds paid through money orders also have different payment dates. Once you have received a notification of a money order, you can cash your tax refund using several alternative means. Read the instructions about cashing money orders and the fees for the various alternatives.

Login to the old Netbank has changed on June 7th

7 June 2022 Please start using the new Nordea Netbank. To log in, you will need either the Nordea ID app or code calculator.

You can only log in to the old Netbank using a code card or password until the old Netbank is discontinued.

Discover and enjoy the new Nordea Netbank!

Even the best services need upkeep – scheduled maintenance on 12 June

6 June 2022  We are carrying out essential maintenance on our systems this coming weekend to ensure you will continue to have high-quality services available to you. Every bank is required by the supervisory authorities to perform routine maintenance.

The maintenance break will start around midnight between Saturday 11 June and Sunday 12 June and end by noon on Sunday. Banking services, such as Nordea Mobile and Netbank, will be unavailable during the break. 

You can pay with cards as normal, but you may experience some slowness. Card payments will not succeed online if the online store requires authentication with Nordea ID or the code calculator. You can withdraw cash at Nosto ATMs, and the card blocking service will function normally on 020 333.

We are making every effort to carry out essential maintenance at night on weekends so that it will have as small an impact on your banking as possible.

You can prepare for the service break by doing your daily banking and any business requiring electronic identification before the break starts. If you are travelling, we recommend that you pay your hotel bill already before Sunday.

We understand that the maintenance can be an inconvenience and we kindly ask for your patience.

Short breaks expected in our banking services on the weekend – card payments unaffected 

Update on 22 May 2022, at 15:40  There may still be temporary service breaks affecting Siirto payments and Nordea Wallet. We will make every effort to get our services working again as soon as possible. 

You’ll be able to pay with cards, withdraw cash from ATMs and use our card blocking service as usual.

We understand that even short breaks can cause inconvenience. We apologise for this and kindly ask for your patience.


20 May 2022  We will be doing technical maintenance of our banking services over the weekend. There may be temporary service breaks between 20.00 on Saturday and 15.00 on Sunday affecting

  • online and mobile banking for personal and corporate customers
  • electronic identification
  • online payments and Siirto payments.

If you find a service is unavailable, please try again later. You’ll be able to pay with cards, withdraw cash from ATMs and use our card blocking service as usual.

All technical systems, services and devices require regular maintenance, and as a bank, we have supervisory authorities who also set us requirements in this area. To fulfil the requirements, we will carry out maintenance of our IT systems for banking services this weekend according to our planned timetable. Since the maintenance will cause some short breaks in our banking services, we will conduct it at night and over the weekend to ensure our customers are affected as little as possible.

You can prepare for the service breaks by doing your daily banking and any business requiring electronic identification before the breaks start.

We will carry out maintenance work on our digital services in the early hours of Sunday

6 May 2022  To ensure the best digital services for our customers, we will carry out maintenance work on Sunday 8 May from 1.00 am until 5.00 am.

During the maintenance, electronic identification will not work and you won’t be able to log into services.

Card payments at stores and cash withdrawals from ATMs and at store checkouts will work normally, as will the card blocking service.

You can prepare for the maintenance break by doing your daily banking and any business requiring electronic identification before the break starts.

We maintain our systems regularly and carry out the work at night so as to cause as little disturbance as possible to our customers. We understand that the maintenance can be an inconvenience and we kindly ask for your patience.  

Customer notice April–May 2022

25 April 2022 During April and May, we will send our personal customers a notice, which contains information about topical matters and changes to our services. You will receive the notice via Nordea Netbank and Nordea Mobile or by post. We will send you a text message when the notice is available in Nordea Netbank and Nordea Mobile. 

Read more about the notice

Disturbance in the balance information for savings accounts has been fixed

19 April 2022 The problems that emerged last weekend with the displaying of balance information for savings accounts continued early Tuesday evening. Some customers could not view their savings accounts’ balance information in Netbank or Nordea Mobile. The problem was fixed on Tuesday evening.

Card payments, current accounts and other banking services functioned normally throughout this time.

We apologise for the inconvenience and thank our customers for their patience.

Nordea’s services are running as normal after having been disrupted to some extent by a denial-of-service attack

Updated on 3 March 2022 (published on 1 March 2022) The denial-of-service attack caused some slowness in logins to Nordea's mobile and online banking services. Customers are now able to log in to the services as normal.

We will continue to secure our services.

We apologise for any inconvenience our customers may have experienced.

Is there reason to be concerned about the situation?

There is no need to worry. Customer data or assets have not been compromised. Some customers have had difficulty logging in to the services.

What is a denial-of-service attack?

A denial-of-service attack is a cyber attack that aims to prevent the intended use of a service. This is usually accomplished by overwhelming the targeted service with requests until normal traffic can no longer be processed.

What caused the denial-of-service attack?

Investigation is still in progress. We take this investigation very seriously and will find out what caused this.

Missing account names in Nordea Netbank and Nordea Mobile

25 February 2022: You can give your accounts custom names in Nordea Netbank and Nordea Mobile. Some of these names are unfortunately not shown in Nordea Netbank and Nordea Mobile. This does not affect your banking services and account features.

You can rename your accounts and also check the previous names in the old Netbank. How to rename your accounts:

  • in Nordea Mobile, select the account > Account details > tap the pen icon > update the name > Save 
  • in Nordea Netbank, select the account > Show account details > Edit.

We apologise for any inconvenience caused.

Nordea Electron cards replaced by Nordea Debit cards

9 February 2022: Visa Electron, a product of the international card company Visa, will be discontinued in 2024. This means that if you have a Nordea Electron card, we will automatically replace it with a Nordea Debit card when your card expires or you need to renew your card. You will no longer be able to pay with a Visa Electron card after April 2024.

Nordea Debit includes the same features as your Nordea Electron card. The only difference is the card’s name and design.

Your card will be replaced automatically so you don’t need to do anything.

Did you receive a request for updating your customer information? 

3 January 2022: To ensure safe and smooth banking, it’s important that your customer information is always up to date. We regularly ask our customers to update their information and will therefore send some of our customers a letter beginning of the year requesting them to update their information. If you receive this letter by post, please read it carefully. 

We offer two convenient ways to update your customer information: online or over the phone. In the case of an update of a minor's custmer information, one of the parents / guardians can update the information by calling Nordea Customer Service.

  1. The easiest way to update your information is to do it on our websiteOpens new window if you have online banking codes from Nordea or any other Finnish bank. 
  2. You can also contact Nordea Customer Service, tel 0200 70 000 (local rates apply), to update your information.

Kindly note that to update your customer information in branch, you first need to book an appointment. 

For more information, visit our website

Login identifier to be gradually added to third-party services

20 October 2021: When you log in to the new Nordea Netbank with the Nordea ID app, you will see a login identifier which consists of 4 characters.

Now the login identifier will also appear when you log in to services provided by third parties (such as Klarna). 

Make sure the same 4 characters are shown both in your Nordea ID app and on the login page of Nordea Netbank or a third-party service. If the login identifiers match, you can log in to the service as usual. You don’t need to key in the login identifier.

Read more about the login identifier