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Prices for Mobile Plus and Basic

Price change for Nordea Debit card, new price effective 1 July 2018
  Old priceNew price
Nordea Debit EUR 2.00 per monthEUR 2.50 per month
Revised card prices as of 1 August 2018
  Old price
New price
Currency markup1.95%2.25%
Credit account management fee
2.50€ per month3.00€ per month
Paper invoice0.00€ per month3.00€ per month
Revised loan prices as of 1 September 2018
  Old priceNew price
When a credit document is sent to another bank for getting a guarantee or a signature, the debtor is charged, per sending. Does not apply to loans intermediated from government funds.20€30€
Delivery of documents to the National Land Survey of Finland for the registration of title applied by the customer or a notary in electronic estate transactions-30€
Transfer of an electronic mortgage bond to another bank, charged as one-off fee-50€
Certificates of mortgages, titles or other certicates from the Land Information system25,20€ or 10€20€