The debt collection costs comprise expenses and fees

Expenses are the expenses incurred by the bank from debt collection, such as costs charged by authorities, document fees, copying expenses, and travel and phone expenses. If the bank assigns the debt collection to an agent, such as an attorney, a collection agency or other agent, the fees and expenses charged by the agent are also included in the collection costs. The hourly rates of agents may be higher than the rates of the bank listed below.

A fee is compensation for the work the bank has performed to collect the receivable. The charging basis of a fee is either a fixed price determined separately for each assignment or an hourly rate which is 50–175 euros depending on the type and the difficulty of the task. Below, there is a list of the assignments with a fixed price and of the assignments charged by the hour. 

As for the assignments with a fixed price, the bank has, however, the right to charge the actual debt collection costs in cases where the assignment has required more work than usually, thereby producing costs that exceed the fixed price of the assignment.

Legal expenses are composed of expenses and fees, and their amount is determined based on the amount ordered by the court.

Fees for  collection of bank's receivables
Debt collectionPrice
Written payment reminder5,00 €
Letter of acceleration45,00 €
Notice of set-off, per notice45,00 €
Changing the repayment schedule of an accelerated credit (credit principal over 1,000 euros and the new repayment schedule has at least 5 instalments)50,00 €
Other assignment
hourly rate
First collection negotiation to reach a voluntary settlementfree of charge
Other negotiationhourly rate
Converting security into moneyPrice
Written notice of foreclosure (Chapter 10, section 2 of the Finnish Code of Commerce to pledge owner, holder of secondary pledge, tenant or other usufructuary, charge per notice. 45,00 €
Request for enforcement of a court decision and advance payment of compulsory auction to execution officer45,00 €
Drawing up an agreement on the sales assignment with a real estate agent, securities trader or similar110,00 €
Notice of the date and manner of conversion of pledges to pledge owner, holder of secondary pledge and lessee, per notice45,00 €
Commitment on payment of maintenance charges45,00 €
Claim on payment of the return on the pledge to pledge holder45,00 €
Payment of surplus pledge accrual to another pledge holder, per payment45,00 €
Other assignmenthourly rate
Legal proceedingsPrice
Receiving summons and registering the matter45,00 €
Notice of intent to appeal the decision of a lower court110,00 €

Drafting a limited application for summons. Based on the Finnish Ministry of Justice’s decree on the amount of legal expenses (1311/2001)

196,00 - 246,00 €
Application for a precautionary measurehourly rate
Examining the matterhourly rate
Drafting an extended application for summonshourly rate
Drafting a written pleading (reply, supplement, statement, complaint)hourly rate
Examining trial material and preparing for a court sessionhourly rate
Pleading in a court of lawhourly rate
Document, certificate and calculationPrice
Acquiring a document from a third party35,00 €
Drafting of a document other than an IT systems printout or a document with a fixed feehourly rate