Legal assignments related to security

Assignments related to security for the bank are accepted at all branches providing lending services. Some of the assignments mentioned below require specifial legal expertise.

For legal assignments related to security, the fee charged by the bank is primarily based on the time spent on the assignment. If the same assignment includes several measures, the fee to be charged is agreed on a case-by-case basis, following the prices of the tariff, where applicable.

In addition to the fee, the bank charges costs charged by authorities and other similar costs incurred by the assignment. (National Land Survey's pricelistOpens new window, in Finnish)

The services are mainly subject to value-added tax (24% as of 1 January 2013).

The hourly rate determined according to the time spent is given under section ‘General’ of this tariff.

The hourly rate for assignments requiring special legal expertise is 200.00 euros.

Registration of title

Application for registration of title or registration of title by explanation 

310,00 €
Registration of title and mortgage420,00 €
Delivery of documents to the National Land Survey of Finland for the registration of title applied by the customer or a notary or in electronic estate transactions30,00 €
Registration of title and expansion of mortgage or extinction of collective mortgage420,00 €
Annulment of leasehold, transfer of a mortgage on leasehold onto the property and application for registration of title420,00 €
Raise of the fee, when the party involved is a company or a death estate60,00 €
Application for mortgages 
280,00 €
Amendments to mortgages: Expansion or extinguishment of mortgage, change of the seniority order or cancellation of collective mortgage, annulment of a mortgage bond, simultaneous annulment of a mortgage bond and a mortgage on real estate310,00 €
Transfer of an electronic mortgage bond to the customer or to another bank, fee charged for each mortgage bond15,00 €
Transfer of an electronic mortgage bond to another bank, charged as one-off fee in addition to the fee mentioned above50,00 €
Raise of the fee, when the party involved is a company or a death estate60,00 €
Business mortgage, vehicle mortgage, ship mortgage or aircraft mortgage
Application260,00 €
Renewal of mortgage110,00 €
Extinction of business mortgage200,00 €
Annulment of a mortgage bond 
290,00 €
Raise of the fee when the party involved is a company or a death estate (does not apply to business mortgages)60,00 €
Registration of special rights
Registration of leasehold or transfer of leasehold310,00 €
Registration and mortgage of leasehold or transfer of leasehold420,00 €
Registration of agreement on division of possession, registration or extinguishment of some other special right310,00 €
Registration of agreement on division of possession or some other special right (with the exception of leasehold) in connection with another assignment
165,00 €
Raise of the fee, when the party involved is a company or a death estate60,00 €
Assignments related to housing companies and joint-stock property companies
Printing expenses of certificates of shares200,00 €
Drawing up a provisional certificate, charge per certificate110,00 €
Annulment of a share certificate290,00 €
Other fees concerning housing company related and joint-stock property company related assignments are determined according to the actual work done + VAT 24%