Safe deposit box

You can securely store securities and small valuables in a safe deposit box.

Safe deposit boxes

The service is offered in branches which have a fire and break-in secure vault for safekeeping.

The branches offering safe deposit boxes can found under Branches and ATMs. Call Nordea Customer Service or visit a Nordea branch to find out about vacant safe deposit boxes.


Prices for Premium Banking customer

Safe deposit - Premium Banking customer

Price of safe deposit box for Premium Banking customers
Monthly fee
Total height mmFee incl. 24% VAT
under 101 mm7,00 €
101–250 mm8,00 €
251–450 mm9,00 €
over 451 mm10,00 €

The monthly fee for the safe deposit box will be charged in arrears on the 12th day of each month. If the debit date is on a weekend or holiday, the debit will automatically be transferred to the following banking day.

Other costs related to the safe deposit box
Fee incl. 24% VAT
Fee for changing the lock (plus expenses)50 euros
Making a list of the contents of the safe deposit box and drawing up minutesPricing basis is the time used for the provision of the service, 100 euros/hour, minimum 50 euros
Sealed custody and closed custody
Fee incl. 24% VAT
Sealed custody of documents4 euros/month
Change of seal20 euros

Annual fee for closed custody, based on the value declared by the customer;

minimum fee each time

2 % of custody value;

minimum 17 euros/month

Temporary opening of closed custody20 euros
Normal price