Your new card

When you use a credit card responsibly, it’s a great way to manage your finances and shop safely – especially online.

How to get started with your new card

  • The geographical use of the new card is limited to Europe. Change security settings in Nordea's mobile bank or Netbank. A renewed card will retain the existing geographical limit.
  • The card is blocked from being used for online gambling. You can change the setting by calling Nordea Customer Service.
  • In case of card renewal, cut the old card into several parts so that the card's chip and magnetic stripe are destroyed. The card's PIN remains the same after renewal.

Pay conveniently with contactless payment

When paying with your credit card for the first time, slot the card in the payment terminal and enter your PIN. This will also activate the card's contactless payment feature. The combination card is activated through a purchase from the bank account and the credit card with a purchase from the card credit.

Find a forgotten PIN

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Look up the forgotten PIN conveniently through the Nordea Mobile App or Netbank. You can view the PIN free of charge.

Pay with a smartphone

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Activate your card in your smartphone to pay safely online and in-store with your phone.

To pay, you need the Apple Pay or Google Pay application.

Pay safely online

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For your easy online purchases, all you need is the card number, the expiration date and the three-digit security code on the back of the card. Authentication is convenient with the Nordea ID app.

Change your card's security settings

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Set a daily limit for cash withdrawals, ATM payments, and limit the geographical use of your card with the Nordea Mobile app. Read more about safe card usage.

If you lose your card

If you detect any card purchases or cash withdrawals you do not recognize in your account transactions or on your credit card invoice, block your card and make a card complaint immediately. You can only make a card complaint about transactions that have been debited to the card.

Read the instructions on how to block your card and make a card complaint

Using your credit card abroad

When you are about to go abroad, you should check the geographical restrictions and security limits on your card. In addition, we recommend you download the mobile bank app to be able to check your account transactions if necessary.

How to prepare for your trip abroad

Online payments with a credit card

Paying with a credit card has many benefits which provide security and flexibility for online payments in particular. You will not get the same security and flexibility if you pay by invoice.

5 good reasons to use a credit card for online payments