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For a more sustainable future

How big is the CO2 impact from your shopping basket? Do you know how to reduce it?

Bring the environment into your wallet

Our climate is challenged, and we can all contribute to a more sustainable future. In Nordea we aim to contribute as much and we can – and together with our customers, we make a real difference. You will get insight into your CO2 impact and see the environmental impact of your daily consumption behaviour and financial spend when using your card.

How to use the carbon tracking? 

In collaboration with the Åland Index Solutions, you’ll get a calculation of the approximate CO2 impact stemming from the goods and services you have bought with all your credit and debit cards across the world. Month by month you can follow your CO2 impact in Nordea Wallet.

The calculation is based on all your card usage divided into a number of merchant categories such as: car/transport, vacation/travelling, restaurants, shopping, groceries. It is not based on individual products as data like this is not currently available - but even if it was, we would not use it as we always respect your privacy. 

This is a good start for you wanting to make a positive impact on the climate as you can use the insight you get into your consumption to actively reduce your CO2 emission or compensate for it.

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Ready to go green on your finances

As the leading bank in the Nordics we have the duty and commitment to drive the change for a sustainable future. We strive to make sustainability concrete and real to you through our services and products. We want to help you to make eco-friendly and sustainable choices in your daily life and with your finances.

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