MyMoney – Design your own card

You can design the appearance of your card. You can select picture from among your own photos or from Nordea`s photo gallery. Order the card conveniently in the old Netbank with Nordea’s access codes.

How to order a MyMoney card

Order the card easily in the old Netbank with Nordea’s access codes.

Log in to the old Netbank using a computer to personalise your card with a picture. Please note that this is not possible on a mobile device.

Here’s how to update your card image in the old Netbank:

1. Go to “Cards”.

2. Select “Card editing and renewal”.

3. Choose the card you want to personalise with a photo.

4. Select “I want to choose a PIN for my card or change the features of my card” on the form.

5. Click “Order a picture” at the bottom of the form. Choose a picture from the gallery and confirm your selection. The rainbow image can be found under the Special category.

6. Select “I have read the card terms and tariff, accept them and undertake to comply with them” and save your card order.

You can update your card image if you have a Nordea Credit, Nordea Gold, Nordea Electron or Nordea Debit card. However, personalised images are not available for Finnair Plus Mastercards, Stockmann Mastercards or TUOHI Mastercards.

The regular price for the MyMoney card is 12 euros per card order. 

Try the MyMoney demo pageOpens new window to see what your personalised card could look like.

Examples of our picture gallery:


Rules for your own pictures 

The picture is your own digital photo, meaning that it has not been downloaded from the Internet, for example. 

The Picture may not

  • violate copyrights, an exclusive right or a person´s right to own name and picture or a person´s privacy. 
  • include brands, text, distinctive marks, logos or national, social, political or religious symbols. 
  • include improper subjects, such as racism or pornography, or may not violate the Penal Code. 
  • include advertisements or infringe any trademarks or patents. 
  • depict a public figure/figures, such as musicians and athletes. 
  • challenge good taste by being indecent, insulting, distasteful, threatening, disturbing or harmful. 
  • go against the values related to any Visa, Mastercard or Nordea products or their graphic appearance.