Nordea Wallet

Nordea Wallet categorises your purchases automatically so that you can easily track your spending. You will also receive financing offers to help with unexpected expenses. Use Nordea Wallet to set up mobile payment services on your smartwatch, phone and other devices.

The Nordea Wallet mobile app will be discontinued on 12 June 2023

But not to worry, you will find the same services in our mobile banking app.

We want to provide a wide range of banking services in one place. Our mobile banking app Nordea Mobile gives you easy access to all of our best services now and in the future. 

This is why we will remove the overlapping Nordea Wallet app from our product selection on 12 June 2023 and terminate the related Nordea Wallet agreements. The termination will become effective on the same date. 

You can use your Nordea Wallet app normally until 12 June 2023.

More information for customers with corporate cards

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View your card transactions in Nordea Mobile

From now on, you’ll no longer need a separate app to view your card transactions, as they will be easily available in Nordea Mobile.

To turn on notifications for new card transactions, go to the Profile tab and select Notifications.

Frequently asked questions about the discontinuation of Nordea Wallet

Nordea Wallet features

Nordea Wallet is available for all banks’ customers.

  • View your personal and corporate card transactions and balances and get notifications of purchases in real time. 
  • Get a monthly overview of your purchase history over several months and see how your purchases fall into various categories.
  • Make quick and secure payments with your phone or smartwatch without any maximum limits.
  • Track purchases you make with your Tuohi Mastercard, Stockmann Mastercard, Finnair Plus Mastercard and First Card.
  • Set up Apple Pay or Google Pay with just one tap.
Prices and terms

Prices and terms

Prices for Nordea Wallet
Nordea Wallet's usage / month0,00 €
Nordea Wallet financing offer 0,00 €

Terms and conditions of use for the Nordea Wallet App 3.2023 (pdf, 315 KB)Opens new window