Nordea Wallet – the best personal finance toolkit

Nordea Wallet categorises your purchases automatically so that you can easily track your spending. You will also receive financing offers to help with unexpected expenses. Use Nordea Wallet to set up mobile payment services on your smartwatch, phone and other devices.

Latest innovation on the digital wallet market

  • Always up to date: you will see your purchases in real time and get a notification of each transaction.
  • Purchase overview: you will have a monthly overview of your purchase history over several months and you can see how your purchases fall into various categories.
  • Make quick and secure payments with your phone or smartwatch without any maximum limits.

Stay on top of your cards

Nordea Wallet is your card’s remote control:Nordea Wallet makes tracking your spending easier than ever. You can review what you spend your money on and what is important to you. Nordea Wallet is available for all banks’ customers.

  • See your personal and corporate card transactions and balances and get notifications of purchases in real time.
  • View your monthly overviews and search for purchases.
  • Track purchases made with your Stockmann, First Card and Finnair Plus cards.
  • Set up Apple Pay or Google Pay with just a push of a button.
  • Discover financing offers in case of unexpected expenses.

Always up to date

Wondering where your money went? We all know the feeling, but wonder no more – Nordea Wallet is here to help you manage your personal finances. It shows you a detailed purchase history and notifies you of your purchases free of charge. This way, you are always up to date.

Purchase overview

Nordea Wallet tracks and categorises your purchases automatically. You can see a monthly overview of how much money you have spent on groceries, a night out or travel, for instance. You can also review your purchase history and consumer habits over several months.

Pay with your smartwatch and smartphone

Set up mobile payments on your smartwatch and many other mobile payment apps. To start using the service, please make sure that:

  1. Your device supports contactless payments.
  2. You have downloaded Nordea Wallet and other necessary apps to your device.
  3. You have a payment card from Nordea.
Prices and terms

Prices and terms

Prices for Nordea Wallet
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