Do not disclose your Netbank access codes to anyone

This way you can reduce the risk of online scams on your own

Attempts of phishing online banking codes have recently increased considerably. You can reduce the risk of online scams by being cautious and by protecting your hardware against hackers. Netbank access codes (user ID and code card) are personal and must not be shared with anyone else. The authorities, banks or other operators do not ask for your online banking codes via e-mail, over the telephone, by text message or in any other manner.

Please remember:

  • You as the user always decide when to enter Netbank access codes for a service, not prompted by any third party.
  • Nordea never calls or sends messages asking for its customers’ personal banking information: the bank already has this information.
  • The security updates of our online services do not require any action of our customers.
  • Do not open any appendices to e-mails or click links the contents of which you do not know for sure.
  • Always use a firewall and antivirus software on your computer.
  • Keep the operating system and applications on your mobile devices up to date.
  • All netbanks use encrypted browser traffic (the browser’s address field begins with https://). Go to Nordea’s Netbank through the bank’s website at 
  • We have introduced dditional payment confirmation to protect our customers. Register your phone number in Netbank, and you will later find it easier to make your additional payment confirmations.

If your Netbank access codes or credit card information have fallen into the wrong hands, report the incident immediately to Nordean Customer Service or outside its opening hours to the blocking service, tel 020 333 (24/7) or from abroad +358 20 333 (24/7).

You should also inform the bank of any fraud attempts. We collect our customers’ messages for research purposes.