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Green housing loan – an eco-friendly choice

Do you live in an energy-efficient or eco-friendly home? Or are you planning on buying such a home? Get a green housing loan and its valuable benefits from Nordea. Apply for a green housing loan to your current or new home by submitting a housing loan application. Enter the word “green” in the campaign code field.

What is a green housing loan?

You can get a green housing loan if you live in an eco-friendly home or are buying such a home. As a bonus, we offer interest rate hedging to your loan at a discount price and do not charge an arrangement fee – which means your finances will also benefit from the environmentally friendly choice.

Am I eligible for a green housing loan?

You are eligible for a green housing loan if your home or the property you are buying meets at least one of the following requirements: 

*Class A in accordance with the 2018 act on energy performance on buildings or Class A or B in accordance with the 2013 act on energy performance certificates on buildings.

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Why do we offer green housing loans?

According to WWF, 30% of the greenhouse gas emissions of Finnish households are caused by housing. Most emissions arise from heating but also from water and electricity consumption. Nordea wants to reward its customers for making eco-friendly choices and encourage people to consider the environmental impact of housing.


Interested in taking out a green housing loan?

Fill in the housing loan application and enter the word “green” in the campaign code field, and we will contact you.

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