The use of the paper code card ends – start using an electronic identification method today!

The printed code card will no longer be accepted as e-identification and when logging in to Netbank. In future, strong identification will also be required for online purchases.

Authentication is now simpler than before – use the code app for all services

If you are not yet using a code app or code calculator, please start using one now. Download the code app on your smart phone or tablet from an app store.

If you do not have a mobile device, you can order a code calculator in Netbank. Our visually impaired customers get a talking code calculator with a larger screen from any Nordea branch free of charge. For other customers, this option is subject to a fee. 

When using the code app, you only have to remember your PIN. The app will calculate one-time codes and transmit them encrypted to the bank. The code calculator is lightweight, compact, and handy to carry, for example, in the card pocket of your wallet. Its use is also encrypted with a PIN.

Printed code cards will no longer be accepted

You can only use e-identification with a code app or a code calculator, for instance.

E-identification means a service in which you use your online banking codes for logging in to another service provider’s services. For instance, My Kanta Pages ( and MyTax ( services have been using the e-identification service for login since 27 September.

Once the service provider has started to use the new e-identification, users of its online service will be directed to a new e-identification page. In future, you will select the identification method (code app, code calculator or code app in offline mode) from the icons displayed, after which you will write your user ID on the appropriate line.

Logging in to Netbank with a code card will no longer be possible after a date to be specified later. In future, you will need either the code app or the code calculator for Netbank as well. 

Similarly, you will need your online banking codes for card payments more often, as online card payments will have to be separately confirmed with online banking codes. This will make online purchases more secure than before.

Third-party account information services and payment initiation services

In future, you will be able to authorise a payment service provider licensed by the Finnish Financial Supervisory Authority to retrieve your account information and to initiate payments from your payment accounts with various banks within the EU area. In this case, you will personally give the authorisation to the service provider and no one else can access your information without your permission. This may lead to the creation of new kinds of services, such as a service in which your account information with several banks will be compiled in a single report.

The new E-Identification login page

New Nasa login page in mobile

We will help you with the adoption of the new tools

on the phone, via chat and at our branches. If you need more detailed advice on the use of digital contents, please come to one of our digital guidance sessions.

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