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E-identification will change – start using an electronic identification method today!

E-identification will gradually stop supporting paper code cards in August and September. After this, e-identification will only be possible with the code app or code calculator.

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E-identification refers to a service where you use your online banking codes to log in to another service provider’s services, such as My Kanta Pages (kanta.fi) or MyTax (vero.fi). Giving up the code cards on paper is due to the EU-wide regulation and it concerns all banks and other identification service providers. More information about the regulation can be found on Financial Supervisory Authority webpage.

If you are not yet using a code app or code calculator, please start using one now

Download the code app on your smart phone or tablet from an app store. If you do not have a mobile device, you can order a code calculator in Netbank. Our visually impaired customers get a talking code calculator with a larger screen from any Nordea branch free of charge. For other customers, this option is subject to a fee.

We will help you with the adoption of the new tools

on the phone, via chat and at our branches. If you need more detailed advice on the use of digital contents, please come to one of our digital guidance sessions.

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E-identification is easy and secure

These modern identification methods are easy to use and secure. When using the code app, it is enough that you remember your PIN code. The app will calculate one-time codes for you and transmit them encrypted to the bank. The code calculator is lightweight, compact, and handy to carry, for example, in the card pocket of your wallet. Its use is also encrypted with a PIN.

As you can add several users for one mobile device, we recommend that you download the code app on two devices, such as a tablet or a family member’s mobile phone.    By doing this, you ensure that you can continue banking normally even if you lose the other device or it breaks down.