Savings and investment products

Explore our savings and investment products and find the right ones for you. The earlier you start, the smaller the regular sums you have to save in order to reach your target.


Nora - digital savings advice

Try our digital savings advisor Nora if you want to start saving quickly and conveniently. It will only take 5–7 minutes.

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Portfolio designer

Portfolio designer allows you to choose your preferred investment profile from five alternatives and creates just the right portfolio for you based on your choice.

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Funds for savers

Funds for savers are the right choice for you if you feel that following the markets and investments is too time-consuming or laborious.

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Fixed income funds

Funds investing in fixed income products, ie fixed income funds, are an alternative to direct fixed income investments, such as bonds. The investor will gain several investments with even a small sum, which will increase the expected return of the investments due to diversification.

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Balanced funds

Balanced funds invest in both equities and fixed income investments. Funds are suitable for investors who want professionals to manage their investments according to the market situation.

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Equity funds

Equity funds invest mainly in equities and are most suitable as a long-term investment in place of or alongside direct investments in equities. The funds spread their assets over several investments, which minimises risks

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Funds by other asset managers

May suit you if you prefer an investment portfolio that consists of products from several asset managers.

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Investment products


Equities have traditionally generated the best return over a long period. The flip side of their strong return is high risk.

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Equity savings account

Within the equity savings account you can trade in listed shares, without having to instantly pay taxes on your possible returns.

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Nordea Visio - säästöhenkivakuutus

Sopii varallisuuden siirtoon lähiomaisille. Valittavanasi on useita eri sijoitusvaihtoehtoja, joita voit vaihtaa helposti ja kuluitta verkkopankissa.

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Savings accounts

ASP account

When you save at least 10% of the price of your home, we will lend you the rest. You can open an ASP Account if you are between 18 and 39 years of age and planning to buy your first home.

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FlexiDeposit Account

FlexiDeposit Account is a continuous savings account for people who want saving to be flexible, easy and secure.

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If you find saving difficult, our ePiggy service is perfect for you. The electronic ePiggy service is an easy way to start saving.

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This account is suitable for regular saving. You can withdraw funds and make credit transfers without restrictions.

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InterestExtra Account

The product is not for sale. InterestExtra Account is an excellent choice for those who are seeking better interest than in current accounts but who wish to draw funds from the account without limits, if necessary.

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