Online services and digital apps

You can do your banking digitally with a smartphone, tablet or computer. First of all, you will need online banking codes to log in to services and to safeguard the security of your banking.

Digital services

You will need a digital device for your banking. Such devices are a smartphone, a tablet or a computer.

  • On a smartphone and a tablet, you do your banking in Nordea Mobile, which is an app downloadable on your device.
  • Nordea Netbank works on a browser, so you can also use it on a computer, in addition to your smartphone and tablet.
  • You will need the Nordea Codes app to log in to our services securely.

On this page, we will present the purpose and key features of these three apps.

Login to the old Netbank has changed - make sure to log in to the new Nordea Netbank next time

The new Nordea Netbank features a new design but has many functions you know. Log in to Nordea Netbank using the Nordea ID app or code calculator. 

You can only log in to the old Netbank using a code card.

Nordea Codes app

You will need a code app to log in to Nordea Mobile, Nordea Netbank and other Nordea apps.

It is a secure app downloadable on a smartphone or tablet. You can download it under the name Nordea Codes from the app store of your mobile device. 

With the app, you can also log in to other service providers’ services, such as My Kanta Pages, MyTax and the eServices of Kela and the Police of Finland.

You can also do almost all of your banking over the phone with Nordea Customer Service if you authenticate yourself with the code app at the beginning of the call.

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Nordea Mobile

Nordea Mobile is an app downloadable on a smartphone or tablet. It enables you to do your everyday banking quickly and easily. You will also need a code app for logging in to Nordea Mobile. In Nordea Mobile, you can do the following, for example: view your card transactions, transfer cash, pay bills, check the PIN of your card and send chat messages to Nordea Customer Service. You can download Nordea Mobile from the app store of your mobile device.

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Nordea Netbank

Nordea Netbank is an online bank to which you can log in at or at “Log in” in the top right corner of the front page. You will need the Nordea Codes app for logging in to Nordea Netbank, where you can do nearly all of your banking: payments and loans as well as any matters related to cards, saving and investing.

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