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Solutions for everyday banking

On this page, you will find solutions that bring added flexibility and security to your daily finances. Learn how you can apply for a payment holiday on your housing loan and add flexibility to your monthly repayments or how an insurance policy can help secure your finances. Most of these changes can be made and applications submitted directly in Nordea Mobile or Netbank.

Looking to add flexibility to your housing loan repayments?

Most housing loans offered by Nordea include FlexiPayment. This feature enables you to edit your monthly repayments or take an instant payment holiday in Nordea Mobile or Netbank.

Take advantage of FlexiPayment

Need a break from your housing loan repayments?

Get up to 6 instalment-free months without any handling fees (regular fees 200 euros) when you apply online by 30 June 2020. During the payment holiday, you only pay interest and expenses monthly.

Read more about payment holidays

Will an interest rate rise affect your housing loan?

You may want to hedge your loan with an interest rate collar, interest rate cap or fixed interest rate to limit the impact of an interest rate rise on your housing loan. Find out more about these solutions to select the right one for you.

Read more about interest rate hedging alternatives

How do I make contactless payments at stores?

All new Nordea cards come with the contactless payment feature. It enables you to pay for purchases of 50 euros and under without having to touch the payment terminal. If you activate mobile payments, you can use your smartphone or smartwatch to securely pay for purchases without any upper limit.

How to activate mobile payments

How do I change the credit limit of my credit card?

You can apply for a change of credit limit directly in Netbank and receive a confirmation within just a couple of minutes. Please note that the change of credit limit is subject to a handling fee (e.g. 10 euros for a Nordea Gold card).

Apply for a change to your credit limit

How can I secure my family’s financial future?

Nordea MyLife insurance protects your finances against permanent disability, for example. You can easily take out the insurance policy in Netbank. Use our calculator to determine the price and the right policy for you.

Select your insurance cover

Banking in branch

We have focused our customer service efforts on our phone and remote services. Advisory services are available by appointment only. Cashier services will remain available at the designated branches in accordance with their regular opening hours. We serve customers belonging to at-risk groups or in need of special assistance in branch by appointment.

Help others do their banking without coming to a branch

Cash is seldom necessary these days and its use should be avoided especially in the current circumstances. Check that the person you are helping has a payment card

If they don’t have a card, they can order cash by post

For the payment of invoices, the direct payment is the best alternative. Another option is to use the invoice payment service. 

Find out about other alternatives by calling Nordea Customer Service.

Insurance policies and complaints related to cards

The trip cancellation cover included in your credit card gives you the possibility of cancelling your trip if you or your next-of-kin fall ill before your departure. Read more about travel insurance. Read more about travel insurance

If the coronavirus epidemic has forced you to change your travel plans, please read our instructions before filing a complaint.

Woman wearing headset.

Customer service by phone and via chat

You can handle almost all your banking matters by calling our Customer Service and authenticating your identity. Our chatbot Nova is also available to answer your questions 24/7 without waiting.

Services to corporate customers

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Updates on our corporate customer service and instructions for using our self-service channels are available on our website under “Business” (only in Finnish).