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Right now, many people are affected by the higher prices of energy and food and the rise in interest rates. If you’re anxious about having enough money to pay for everything, you should explore some solutions that add flexibility to your loan repayments and other expenses. 

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Saving brings security

Did you know that it’s always a good time to start saving? It’s smart to save up a cash buffer for a rainy day. As many as a third of mortgage borrowers save regularly while repaying their loans. Get in touch so we can find the best solution for you.

Should you pay off your share of the housing company loan?

With rising charges for financial costs in housing companies, many of us are currently thinking about paying off the housing company loan with a home loan from a bank. Contact us to discuss the best option for your finances.

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Need a break from your home loan repayments?

Using the free-of-charge FlexiPayment included in Nordea’s loans is the easiest way to add flexibility to your loan repayment.

Take a repayment holiday

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Add flexibility to your daily finances by applying online to change the amount or due date of your monthly loan payment or the repayment method or reference rate of your loan.

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Flexibility with consumer loans and credit cards

Nordea’s consumer loans and credit cards give you flexibility when your finances are stretched. You can get instalment-free months, change the instalment percentage in your repayments or apply for a raise to your credit limit, for example.

Change the repayment schedule of your consumer credit

You can apply changes to your FlexiCredit through our self-service channels or by contacting our Customer Service.

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Make changes to your credit card’s repayment plan

You can easily adjust your credit card’s monthly payment, instalment-free months and invoice due date in Nordea Mobile.

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Find security for your family’s finances in case of a sudden drop in income

Illness, unemployment, disability or the death of your partner are devastating events that can also put a strain on you financially. MyLife personal insurance helps you secure your and your family’s financial future. Use our calculator to determine the price and the right policy for you.

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Read our latest market analyses and sign up for webinars on the topic. You can also book an appointment with our investment advisers.

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Services to corporate customers

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Updates on our corporate customer service and instructions for using our self-service channels are available on our website under “Business”.