Customer letters

We will send letters about current topics to our personal and corporate customers in May 2018.

I received a letter about Nordea’s re-domiciliation. What does it mean and where can I find further information about this?

Nordea is getting ready for a re-domiciliation from Sweden to Finland on 1 October 2018. This is a legal measure that will not have any effects on the daily banking of our customers. Read more about Nordea’s re-domiciliation

I received a letter about the new General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). What does it mean and where can I find further information about this?

Data protection has always been an integral part of our banking business. Trust and safeguarding our customers’ data are absolute prerequisites for our operations. The new General Data Protection Regulation is applied to all companies and organisations that process personal data. This new EU regulation aims to emphasise the customers’ right to decide on their information and on the use of their personal data. We provide further information about how we process personal data on our privacy policy. Read more about Nordea Privacy Policy

I received a letter about revisions to the card service tariff and amendments to the card terms and conditions. Why are you revising prices?

We have not made significant changes to our card service tariff in recent years, and the prices will now be adjusted taking into account increased operating costs. Even after these revisions, our prices will remain competitive in comparison with our competitors.

By updating the price of paper invoices, we want to reduce the environmental impacts of our operations by encouraging our customers to use e-invoices instead. Switching to digital services reduces the carbon dioxide emissions caused by printing and distribution and thus has an impact on our carbon footprint.

Customers are charged an account management fee only if they have available credit and they are not repaying the used overdraft facility in full with the first invoice. Therefore every credit card holder is not continuously charged with this fee. It is only charged from customers who are using their credit.

Currency markup is added to card transactions whose original currency is not the euro. It is charged for the currency exchange in relation to card payments or cash withdrawals. In accordance with terms and conditions, the currency markup is added to the market’s average exchange rate. As currency markup is not a service fee, it is not included in Nordea's tariff.

Why are you making amendments to the card terms and conditions?

We have updated our card terms and conditions by specifying the clauses on card use. At the same time, we have updated the terms and conditions to correspond to our current card selection.

Where can I find the new card terms and conditions?

I received a letter about amendments to the account terms and conditions. What does it mean?

We want to make sure that, in future, even customers who do not have Nordea’s access codes for Mobile Bank and Netbank are able to receive electronic messages through Nordea’s electronic service (Omaposti) in which you can authenticate your identity with other bank's access codes. At this stage, the amendment to the terms and conditions does not affect the communications between customers and Nordea in any way.