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Getting started with Nordea Codes app

Nordea’s code app is a secure app you can download to your smartphone and tablet. You can use it to log in to Nordea’s mobile bank and other banking apps. With the code app, you can also authenticate yourself in services offered by other service providers and confirm your online payments securely.

Access all services with just one app

You can download the code app to several smartphones or tablets to ensure that you will be able to log in to services even if you broke or lost your main device. It is also possible to add your code app user profile to a family member’s mobile device, for example. 

  • Secure and easy to use. 
  • Online banking codes always available on your smartphone or tablet. 
  • Authenticate yourself in Nordea Customer Service. 
  • Verify that a phone call you receive actually comes from Nordea.

On what devices does the Codes app work?

The Codes app operates on iPhones and Android phones as well as on iPads and Android tablets

  • iOS 10 or later versions
  • Android phones and tablets versions 6 or later versions

Tip: it is worthwhile to download the Codes app on several mobile devices.

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How to activate Nordea Codes

Download Nordea Codes from the Appstore on your device.

You need an activation code and temporary PIN-code to activate Nordea Codes on a new device. To ensure safe usage the app can´t be copied from one device to another and it must therefore be downloaded separately for each device.

You can activate your first Nordea Codes app in the Netbank. Go to Edit Netbank and choose Access codes, here you can request activation codes for the app. As a new customer you get the activation codes as a part of the Become a customer-package.

If you use Nordea Codes on another device, you can use it to activate the Code app on the new device. The activation is done by creating a QR-code on the old device and scanning it to activate the Code app on the new device.

If the device you have activated the Code app on is lost or broken, you can get activation codes by contacting our customer service.

Netbank + Mobile Bank
Use in Netbank
Use in Mobile Bank
Use when contacting Nordea Customer Service
How to add a user account


Secure use of online access codes

The access codes are always personal. Never surrender your access codes to another person. Memorise your user ID and the PIN code to Nordea Codes. Keep your user ID separate from your code app.

How does the app work?

When you have enabled the data connection in your mobile device and you enter your personal PIN in the code app, it will give you changing transaction-specific codes in the background without you being able to see them. The app will send the code to Nordea through an encrypted network. Without a data connection, the app will show the code on the mobile device's display, where you can copy it to the service you want to use.

The app's security is based on four factors: PIN code, mobile device, access codes, and connection. Always make sure that the device you use is passcode-protected. Always check each transaction and never confirm transactions you have not initiated yourself.

Use of the code app for various services

PIN code

  • Only you know your PIN code.
  • The code is both application- and device-specific.
  • If you enter an incorrect PIN code five times in a row, the app will be locked for 24 hours.
  • The PIN code will not be saved on the mobile device. The PIN code will be erased from the device memory as soon as the app has finished calculating one-time codes.
How to reactivate the code app when another device is no longer in use
Tips for using Nordea Codes

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