How to get started with mobile banking

Practice makes perfect. First familiarise yourself with how your device works. Then download the apps you will need for your banking, such as our Nordea Mobile and Nordea ID apps. To get started, read our tips for using Nordea Mobile or try the demo version of the app to see how it looks like.

Explore app in demo mode

Explore our mobile banking services in demo mode. See how the app works by browsing the accounts, payments, investments and other services of a fictional customer. You can try making a payment or editing the selection of services shown on the Home tab, for example.  

The demo version is available in three languages and you can change the language setting on the Profile tab when you are in demo mode. The default language of the app is the language of your device. 

How to use Nordea Mobile in demo mode

  1. Install Nordea Mobile on your device. Don’t log in to the app. 
  2. Open the app and select Menu in the top right corner of the login screen.
  3. Select “Explore app in demo mode

Please note that all the information displayed in the demo version is fictional.

Get to know the features of Nordea Mobile with tips, guide and video

Download the Nordea Mobile and Nordea ID app to your smartphone or tablet:

  • From the Google Play store (Android devices)
  • From the App Store (iPhone or iPad devices)

Search for “Nordea Mobile Suomi” and “Nordea ID” in the app stores.

Check out the usage tips, download the guide and watch the video and you will see how easy it is to use Nordea Mobile.

Our popular mobile banking app is getting an upgrade

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We are upgrading Nordea Mobile to provide you with more tools to support your financial well-being. A new breakdown of your income and expenses by category will help you track and manage your finances in the revamped mobile banking app.

Tips how to use Nordea Mobile

When you start using Nordea Mobile, check out the usage tips below and do at least first four tips.

How to edit the home page?

This is how you edit the home page

  1. Open Nordea Mobile and log in. 
  2. Scroll down the Overview tab and select “Edit”.
  3. You can change the order of the product categories on the Overview tab by dragging and dropping them. You can also choose which products to display on the Overview tab by tapping the arrow at the right edge of each product category – this will open a menu showing all products under the selected category.
  4. Once you’ve applied the changes you want, tap “Save”. You’re all set!
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