Security limits

Card security limits mainly comprise the daily limit for cash withdrawals from ATMs in Finland and the daily limit for bill payments at payment ATMs in Finland.

Limit for cash withdrawals

Choose a cash withdrawal limit between 0 and 10,000 euros a day.
The cash withdrawal limit includes cash withdrawals from your bank account or your credit account made in Finland and abroad. In addition, cash withdrawals from the bank account made at store checkouts are included in the cash withdrawal limit. 

NB. The cash withdrawal limit with the following cards applies separately for cash withdrawals from credit account and separately for cash withdrawals from bank account in case of combination cards (credit/debit). If you for instance choose a security limit of 100 euro a day, you can withdraw during the same day 100 euro from your credit account and 100 euro from your bank account, meaning 200 euro a day with a combination card.:

  • Nordea Credit (card number beginning with 522841)
  • Nordea Gold (card number beginning with 522580)
  • Nordea Black (card number beginning with 539670).

Limit for bill payments

Choose a payment limit between 0 and 50,000 euros a day.
The limit includes all payments made at Nordea's payment ATMs in Finland that are debited immediately from the bank or credit account. In addition, the payment limit includes all purchases made with Nordea Electron cards in Finland and abroad. 

You should set the security limits according to your normal daily needs. If necessary, they can easily be changed later.