Processing of personal data in the Nordea ID app

Use of the Nordea ID app requires the processing of certain personal data

With the Nordea ID app you can log in to Nordea’s Netbank and mobile bank and identify yourself to other service providers using Nordea’s separate identification service as made available in the respective services. Use of the code app and its functions requires the processing of certain personal data, and the app must access your phone’s data in the ways described below.

The Nordea ID app processes the following personal data:

  • Account and transaction details, unconfirmed payments and payments requiring additional confirmation – these are processed in order for you to use banking services with the code app. Account and transaction details are processed as long as the Nordea ID app is activated.
  • IP addresses, time and time zone – these are logged in order to prevent and investigate potential criminal attacks and transactions. The data may be handed over to the authorities, if necessary.
  • User-specific device ID – this is required for sending information to registered devices and for generating one-time codes. 

In addition to the above, Nordea collects the following information in order to develop the service:

  • Model of the device
  • User interface version and language
  • Type of internet connection (Wi-Fi or mobile network)
  • User’s actions in the app

The Nordea ID app needs access to the following features on your phone:

  • Internet access – the app needs to be able to connect to Nordea’s servers and systems in order to perform banking services and communicate with Nordea.
  • Enabling phone calls – the app needs permission to enable phone calls in order to be able to read the serial number from the phone that is using the app. 

The code app does not send personal data to third parties, with the exception of data required for performing tasks ordered by you such as making a payment.

Personal data processed by the app is controlled by the Nordea Group company providing the service, please see below a list of the respective companies. 

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For more information about your rights, please contact Nordea Customer Service:

  • Nordea Customer Service for private customers, tel 0200 70 000, Mon–Fri 8.00–18.00
  • Nordea Business Centre for corporate customers, tel 0200 26262, Mon–Fri 09.00–16.30