Flexibility for your housing loan repayments

Need relief in your housing loan repayments? You can adjust your housing loan to suit your current life situation by making changes to your repayment schedule.

Do you need a short-term or a long-term relief for your housing loan instalments?

Nordea’s new housing loans come with a FlexiPayment feature which allows you to take a break from the instalments or pay only part of the instalments in addition to the interest. Another option is to apply for a payment holiday.


  • It is suitable for both long-term and temporary changes of monthly payments.
  • You can choose whether to only pay the interest or a part of the instalment.
  • You can change the amount one monthly payment at a time.
  • Change the amount yourself in mobile bank or in the Netbank. It is possible when the monthly payment appears in your due payments before the due date of your loan instalments.
  • The activation is free-of-charge.
  • 5–10% of your loan amount.
  • If you are not sure if you already have FlexiPayment linked to your housing loan, you can check it in your loan details in mobile bank or in the Netbank.
  • How to use FlexiPayment.

Payment holiday

  • It is a change to your loan repayment schedule. You need to agree on the duration of the payment holiday with the bank.
  • During the payment holiday, you only pay interest and expenses monthly.
  • A fee according to the tariff will be charged for changing the repayment schedule.
  • For a fixed period of 1–24 months.
  • You can apply for a payment holiday for nearly all housing loans.

Instalment-free period for your housing loan

Using the free-of-charge FlexiPayment is the easiest way to take an instalment-free period.

  1. Check in Nordea Mobile or Netbank if FlexiPayment is attached to your loan. FlexiPayment allows you to have an instalment-free period right away. This information is included in your housing loan details, which you can view in Nordea Mobile or Netbank.
  2. If FlexiPayment is not attached to your loan, you can add it by applying for a change to your loan. 
  3. If neither of the above-mentioned options is suitable for you, you can apply for an instalment-free period for your loan. The easiest way to apply is to do it in Nordea Mobile or Netbank. 

Apply for a change to your loan repayment schedule to take a payment holiday or make other changes to your loan

If you don’t have FlexiPayment in your loan or if it isn't sufficient for your needs, you can apply for a change to your loan repayment schedule. Fill in the application in Nordea Mobile or Netbank or on our Apply for a change to current loanOpens new window form.

Change to loan repayment schedule: Which changes can you apply for by filling in the form?

  • Payment date*
  • Debiting account
  • Repayment method
  • Monthly payment
  • Servicing account*
  • Reference rate type
  • Instalment-free months. You can apply for an instalment-free period ranging from 1 to 24 months.
  • Add FlexiPayment to your loan. FlexiPayment allows you to reduce or increase your monthly payment in Netbank within the agreed limits.

*Free of charge when you make the change yourself in Nordea Mobile or Netbank

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