Opening banking services for your child

Opening a disposal account or a PerkAccount for your child is easy – you can do this in the “Open services online for a child” service on our website. You can also order a debit card and open online banking services for your child when they are old enough to use them independently.

To open banking services, you need to have a valid identity document. If you are applying for a debit card or concluding a Netbank agreement for your child, they must also have an identity document accepted by Nordea.

When you fill in the online application for opening an account for your child, we will send your child’s other guardian an SMS requesting them to approve the application. You can open services online for your child once they have been given a name.

When you open services for your child, we will update the customer information we have on both guardians and your child. Both guardians decide on an underage child’s banking together. To make changes to your child’s banking services, you generally need the consent of both guardians. You can make these changes by contacting Nordea Customer Service and authenticating your identity with your online banking codes.

You can also open accounts and other banking services for your child by calling Nordea Customer Service, tel 0200 70 000, Mon–Fri 8.00–18.00.

Opening services is also possible in branch if you have a power of attorney from the other guardian. When you want to apply for a card or conclude a Netbank agreement for your child, you will need to bring them with you to visit our branch.

Banking for children

There is no age limit to banking services for children. You can open an account for your child as soon as they have been given a personal identity number. Both guardians decide on an underage child’s banking together and they can be given access to their child’s accounts. This way you can easily view your child’s account transactions in your own Netbank or mobile bank.

If you open banking services for your child’s personal use, they must be capable of using the services independently.

Role of guardians

As your child’s guardians you are responsible for taking care of their finances. Both guardians decide on the opening of services for an underage child together. Other close relatives may also gift money to your child or open an account for them with your consent. If you are your child’s sole guardian, you alone are responsible for overseeing your child’s banking. From the age of 15 your child is allowed to independently open an account and apply for related payment instruments when they have earnings from a summer job or get a study grant.

Saving for a baby rewarded

We want to encourage our customers to save for their children. We will give a gift for your baby aged less than six months when you start regular saving for your child and direct the child allowances to your account in Nordea. The gift is worth 20 euros when you start regular saving in an account and 40 euros when you start regular saving in a fund.

Vinkit lapsen raha-asioiden hoitoon

Minkä ikäisenä lapsi voi käyttää pankkipalveluita? Entä kuinka digipalvelut saa käyttöön tai miten muiden palveluntarjoajien palveluihin kirjaudutaan alaikäisenä e-tunnisteen avulla? 
Lue Nordean vinkit lapsen raha-asioiden hoitoon.

Saving for your child

By saving even a small sum regularly you can build a nest egg for your child’s future.

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Cashless payments for children

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On the cusp of adulthood

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