Identity documents accepted by Nordea

The bank must always be able to verify the customer's identity from an undamaged identity document accepted by the bank. Nordea accepts the following documents for verifying a customer's identity:

One of the following documents issued by a Finnish authority:

  • passport (not Alien's passport)
  • ID card (issued after 1 March 1999)
  • seaman's passport

Travelling document issued by a foreign authority and accepted by Finland:

  • passport (not Alien's passport)
  • an ID card issued in the European Economic Area (EEA), also San Marino and Switzerland, if it:
    • has a photo
    • is valid for a certain period
    • has a chip, a hologram or other security features

The following European countries do not have an official ID card, so only their passports are accepted as an ID document: Ireland, Norway and Denmark.


To obtain an e-identification you must have a Finnish personal identity number, as the e-identification technology is a platform developed by banks that allows customers to be identified with strong identification in accordance with the Finnish act on e-identification and works only with Finnish personal identity codes. As of January 2019, a driving licence is no longer valid as a means of identification when the bank grants the customer the right to use e-identification. For the time being, e-identification cannot be issued to persons with identity documents issued by authorities outside the EEA, San Marino or Switzerland.