Power of attorney for managing an estate’s banking

Using our digital power of attorney template in matters related to an estate will make it easier to handle the affairs of the estate and will provide us with the information we need.

  • Every party to the estate must provide an identical authorisation for the power of attorney to be valid. 
  • Each party must send the power of attorney to us through our digital mailbox service Nordea Omaposti at www.nordea.fi/omaposti. Select “Estate documents” as the topic of your message. 

Read more about how to deliver an estate’s power of attorney to us

Power of attorney for managing a minor’s banking

Both guardians primarily manage their child’s banking together. With a power of attorney, one guardian may, however, authorise the other guardian to manage their child’s banking alone.

Power of attorney for the other guardian for managing a minor’s bankingOpens new window

The authorisation will enter into force once the authorising party has delivered the power of attorney, without a signature by their own hand, to us either through our digital mailbox service Nordea Omaposti or as a customer message in Nordea Netbank.

The power of attorney can’t be delivered on paper to a Nordea branch.

How to deliver powers of attorney via Nordea Omaposti

Follow the steps below:

  1. Open the relevant power of attorney and carefully fill in all the fields.
  2. Save the power of attorney.
  3. Log in to Nordea Omaposti at www.nordea.fi/omaposti.
  4. Select a topic that is related to the power of attorney.
    For example, if you represent an estate, select “Estate documents”.
  5. Send the digital power of attorney to us.