Moving in

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Mover’s check list

When the loan has been granted and drawn down and the sale has been concluded, it is time to move on to the most exciting phase: moving to your own new home. You will find some tips below.

Make a notification of change of address

A notification of change of address is an official notice and it must be submitted within one week of move at the latest. You can submit the notification conveniently at muuttoilmoitus.fiOpens new window.

Remember also to give your new address information to your workplace, places of study and hobbies, your bank and other parties.

Make an electricity contract

It is good idea to conclude an electricity contract as soon as you know your moving day. This way you can ensure that the electricity works when your furniture come in.

Inform the housing manager

The housing manager will enter your details in the register of occupants and arrange that your name will placed on the board in the staircase and on your door. Write down the maintenance company's contact information from the notice board in case you forget your keys at home or need help in removing air from the radiators, for example.

Inspect your new home

When you move into a new home, make an inspection and clean the place. What could be more inviting than a clean, new home. While you are cleaning, you will also check that everything is in order.

Get an internet subscription

If the new home does not have an internet connection, make an agreement on an internet subscription with the operator of your choice.

Check the smoke alarm

When you move in, check that the home has a functioning smoke alarm. If it is missing, buy one right away.

What if you find defects after you have moved in?

For example: if you find a water/moisture damage in your bathroom after you have moved in, contact the housing manager and the seller. Send them a written notification by e-mail, for example, as soon as possible. The damage will be inspected and the liabilities will be settled.

In most cases, the housing company is liable for the repairs of the structures, and the shareholder of the surfaces. You can demand compensation for the repairs from the seller, or even an annulment of sale if the damage is sizeable. However, each case is individual and can lead to prolonged disputes. In order to avoid disputes, you should always thoroughly inspect the home you are going to buy before the conclusion of sale.

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