Climate and environment fund

The Climate and environment fund is an investment fund for you who wish to invest in sustainable development and less carbon intensive climate solutions.

Climate and environment fund

The climate and environment fund invests in companies which sustainable climate solutions support the transition to less carbon intensive economics. 

The fund's investments are focused primarily on companies, which business focuses on alternative sources of energy, the efficient and sustainable use of natural resources and environmental protection. 

Investment profile

The fund invests globally in equities of 40–60 companies providing innovative climate solutions. Typically, the fund comprises equities of undervalued, medium-sized growth companies.

The fund invests in companies that focus on alternative energy production, efficient use of natural resources or environmental protection.

Risk and return

In the long term, the fund seeks a higher return than the global equity markets in general. Correspondingly, the risks included in it are higher than in the global equity markets on an average. 



A subscription fee is charged on a subscription (purchase) for fund units and a redemption fee on a redemption (sale) of fund units. You can subscribe for fund units for a reduced fee via Netbank.

Each fund pays the fund management company a management fee, which covers such fund management costs as value calculation, accounting and reporting.

The amount of the management fee is given as an annual fee. The management fee is deducted in the calculation of the daily net asset value per fund unit, and is thus not charged separately. The fee includes a custody fee for fund units.

No subscription fees will be charged from Nordea's Key and Check-in Customers who save regularly in Nordea funds in accordance with a fund savings agreement concluded at a branch or via Netbank. Preferred Customers receive a 50% discount on subscription fees.

You can view the fees for each fund in the Funds Now service.

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