The world is changing and so are payments. Paying with your phone and smart watch has become mainstream, next in line are payments with rings, bracelets and keychains.

Welcome to the future - Nordea’s new contactless payment solutions

All you need is a smart device and a Nordea card, and you are ready to make everyday purchases by using contactless technology. Read more about future payment solutions – available to Nordea’s customers already today. 

The range of contactless payment solutions is expanding rapidly and Nordea works in close cooperation with leading developers. For example, in Finland LAKS PAY wearables are only available to Nordea customers.  


Pay with a ring, keychain or bracelet. When you have a Nordea Mastercard, you can start using the latest jewelry and accessories supporting contactless payments. As a Nordea customer, you will receive a 15% discount of a LAKS Pay product of your choice by using the code xmas15 (valid until 24th of December).

Read more about LAKS Pay

Garmin Pay Opens new window

You can link your Nordea card to your Garmin sports watch to stay on the move without cash, cards or phone.

Read more about Garmin Pay Opens new window

Fitbit Pay Opens new window

All Nordea cards are compatible with Fitbit smart watches and activity trackers. Check whether your Fitbit device supports Fitbit Pay.

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Google Pay

This handy payment method is included in almost all Android phones. You can link any Nordea card to Google Pay, including corporate cards.

Read more about Google Pay

Apple Pay

Apple Pay is available for iPhones and Apple Watches. You can link any Nordea card to Apple Pay, including corporate cards.

Read more about Apple Pay

Contactless payments

All Nordea’s new payment and credit cards include the contactless payment feature. You can pay for purchases below 50 euros safely without keying in your PIN or touching the payment terminal.

Read more about contactless payments

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