Many easy ways to do your banking

With Nordea mobile you can get the account overview, transfer money, pay a bill, have an online meeting and a lot more.

Edullisempaa pävittäispalvelua

Mobiilipankin käyttäjänä saat edullisimmat hintamme päivittäispalveluista. Katso tästä Mobiili Plus ja -Peruspakettien hinnat.

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Nordea Codes app

With the Nordea Codes app you can log in to Netbank and Mobile Bank and identify yourself when contacting Nordea Customer Service.

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Nordea Mobile

Nordea Mobile app helps you take care of your daily banking conveniently and easy. Try it out and see how handy it is to use.

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Nordea Customer Service

Nordea Customer Service provides you with information and advice on banking matters. Call us on banking days 8.00 - 18.00.

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Online meeting

Meet us wherever it suits you – at your home, office or summer cottage.. You will need a computer, an Internet connection, a telephone and Nordea's access codes.

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Make a transfer from one account to another in seconds. You just have to know the phone number of the other Siirto user. With the Siirto app, you can easily make payments anywhere.

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Nordea Wallet

Nordea Wallet is a card payment app which brings together all purchases made with your Nordea cards. You can easily keep track of your spending, as the app shows you an overview of your purchases.

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Apple Pay

Apple Pay enables you to easily make payments in stores with your iPhone. You can also use it for purchases in apps and online.

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Google Pay

Google Pay is a quick and simple way to pay in stores and online. All you need to do is unlock your phone and hold it near the payment terminal. You won’t need to open any apps!

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Nordea Investor

Follow up on the markets and your investments whenever and wherever you like. Investor identifies the device used and automatically adjusts the contents.

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Nora - digitaalinen sijoitusneuvoja

Digitaalinen sijoitusneuvojamme Nora on sinua varten, jos haluat aloittaa säästämisen nopeasti ja helposti.

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Netbank allows you to do much more than just check your balance and pay bills. Open a Netbank agreement at the nearest Nordea branch and start using access codes right away.

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Access codes

With Access Codes you can take care of banking regardless of time and place. You can sign agreements, identify yourself and safely pay for online purchases.

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ATMs are open when the offices are closed. Nordea offers its customers an extensive network of different kinds of ATMs for all types of banking.

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Chat - Kysy meiltä, me neuvomme!

Verkko- ja mobiilipankissa voit chatata tunnistautuneena myös henkilökohtaisista pankkiasioistasi 24/7, yleiset pankkiasiat chatin kautta ma-pe 8-22.

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Contact Nordea Customer Service  

Mon-Fri 8.00 - 18.00

0200 70000 (lnc/mcc*)

* local network charge/mobile call charge