Student loan from Nordea

  • You apply for the student loan separately for each year. It’s easy to do in Nordea Mobile – your key to all smooth banking.
  • Once it’s time to start repaying your student loan, we offer you the opportunity to repay the loan over 15 years. You have the option of making changes to your repayment schedule if you want to repay your student loan faster or if you need more time.
  • As our student loan customer, you will benefit from our student benefits. Student customers get our mobile banking services, a bank account and a payment card free of charge.

Read more about our student benefits.

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How to apply for student loan from Nordea

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Apply for student loan
Draw student loan
Repay your student loan

How does the student loan amount affect the total cost?

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Take a look at our indicative example calculations to compare student loan amounts and the amount of interest that accumulates on them.

Student loan and studying abroad

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If you are completing your degree abroad, you can draw down your student loan for the entire academic year in one go. Students living abroad can apply for a student loan raise to cover their expenses.

Budgeting student loan and tracking your finances

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In Nordea Mobile's Insights -tab your income and expenses are already categorized. You can change the settings and categories so that the tracking serves you and your needs.

Information on student loans

Terms and conditions
Indicative annual percentage rate
Consumer Credit Information

Student loan - Prices

Most common fees on student loans
Arrangement fee in Netbank
10,00 €
Arrangement fee at a branch
20,00 €
Concluding a student loan drawdown agreement 
0,00 €
Cancellation of a student loan drawdown agreement due to interruption or ending of studies 
0,00 € 
Cancellation of a student loan drawdown agreement for other than the above-mentioned reasons 
0,00 €
Partial drawdown in Netbank *) 
10,00 €
Partial drawdown by customer service *)  
20,00 €
Automatic debiting of loan repayments, price before 1.2.2021
2,30 € / charge
Automatic debiting of loan repayments, price from 1.2.20212,50 € / charge
Loan payment, paper invoice4,10 € / charge
Raising fee 
10,00 €
Advance notice of loan debiting on paper or through Netbank  
0,00 €
Payment reminder to borrower 
5,00 €
Permanent change of due date0,00 €
Change in loan terms (e.g. change of repayment schedule, increase of installment, reference rate, billing method)
40,00 €
Decrease of installment payment5,00 €
Deferred amortisation5,00 €
Extra repayment0,00 €
Change of the loan servicing account0,00 €
Move loan to another bank by customer's request. The fee is paid by the other bank.
150,00 €

*) After the first drawdown, a partial drawdown fee is charged for each drawdown. The partial drawdown fee is not charged if the borrower and the bank have made a drawdown agreement in connection with the first partial drawdown at the latest.

Standard European Consumer Credit Information

To make comparing easier, the applicant has the right to receive the key information on the credit on a Standard European Consumer Credit Information form before signing the credit agreement. The information on the form may be calculated with the details given by the customer or on typical values. The form on this page is calculated with typical values, which means that a typical euro amount for this credit type is applied.

The form specifies the lender's contact information, the main features of the credit product, the costs, other important legal aspects and, if needed, the additional information required for distance selling. The information on the form may be binding or unbinding on the lender. A binding form requires a positive credit decision.

You will find detailed information on the credit on the Standard European Consumer Credit Information formOpens new window.

Apply for a student loan

As a Nordea customer, you can apply for a student loan online.

Apply for a student loan Opens new window