Personal customer's foreign currency credits

Personal customer's foreign currency credits, credit agreements opened before 1 January 2017

When the loan period is extended, the arrangement fee is charged on the principal for the extended period.

Amendments to credit terms
If the customer wants to change the following credit terms (within the credit period):

  • currency of the credit
  • interest determination period
  • repayment schedule
  • or other terms,

it is possible on the first day of a new interest determination period. This must be agreed on with the bank at least five banking days before the new interest determination period begins. A one-time fee for an amendment is 170,00 €.

Credit terms cannot be changed in the middle of an interest determination period.

Payment defaults

If an automatic debit of a loan fails due to insufficient cover, or the debtor otherwise fails to pay interest, an instalment or other payment by the due date, the debtor is charged a fee for each reminder or notification given by phone or mail to the debtor, guarantor or a third-party pledger.

Repayments in foreign currency must be paid at the payment date’s exchange rate but at least the due date’s rate.

5,00 €