How to pay with a card online

You can pay for purchases online by entering your card details in the online store or choosing to use a mobile payment app such as Apple Pay, Google Pay or Samsung Pay. Both ways of paying with a card are secure as they use strong identification.

Whichever way you choose, you have to allow online payments with your card. When you apply for a card, you are asked whether your card can be used for online payment. If you wish to check this setting or change it, you can easily do so in Nordea Mobile or Netbank.

See our instructions on how to pay for and confirm purchases in different situations:

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Your card’s online settings

Here’s how to allow online payments with your card:

  • In Nordea Mobile: select your card, then Settings. Turn online payments on.
  • In Netbank: select Cards from the Finances menu, then select your card. Click Edit next to ‘Online usage’, then confirm your change.
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Technology enhances the security of online payments

Security in online payments has been continuously improved. Nowadays card payments are more secure than ever thanks to strong identification when confirming a transaction. Strong identification in online shopping became standard in the EU with the introduction of the PSD2 Directive and it is widely used by online retailers in the EEA as well.

Many authentication methods have been developed around strong identification and card security. These include 3D Secure, a payment card’s security code and tokenisation, all of which enhance security and reduce card fraud.

3D Secure

3D Secure is a security element used in card payments. It is used to verify both parties to a transaction, the buyer and the seller, at the time when a purchase is made.

This means that you must confirm a card transaction online by verifying your identity with your online banking codes.

Trusted online merchants use 3D Secure verification methods like Mastercard Identity Check (previously Mastercard SecureCode) and Visa Secure (previously Verified by Visa) in connection with card payments.

Security code (CVC / CVV)

When you pay with a card online, you will often be asked to enter your card’s CVC or CVV, which refers to the three-digit security code found on the back of your card.

Mastercard calls this security code a CVC (Card Verification Code), while Visa refers to it as a CVV (Card Verification Value).

Every card has a unique security code that is replaced with a new one every time your card is renewed. If you’re using a credit and debit combination card, you will find two different security codes on it – one for the credit facility and one for the debit facility.


Tokenisation is used for securing card details in mobile payment apps, such as Apple Pay.

Tokenisation is the process of converting a card’s details (number, CVC or CVV, and expiry date) into a digital and encrypted format.

Thanks to tokenisation, the details of a physical card are not saved in the app or smart device and they are not revealed to merchants.

Paying with a credit card gives you more security in online shopping

  • When you pay with your credit card online, you get protection for your purchases under the Consumer Protection Act. For instance, if a product you ordered doesn’t arrive, you can claim for compensation.
  • Many credit cards come with useful insurance. For example, a Nordea Gold card gives you Product Safety Insurance which protects items you buy for your home and international travel insurance when you pay for your purchase with the credit facility.
  • You should pay for your travel with your credit card, as this gives you protection under the Consumer Protection Act if, for example, the airline you’re flying with goes bankrupt.

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