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Debit and credit cards: Tips on how to use your card safely

  • Keep your card in a safe place and don’t leave it unattended in your car, on a restaurant table or in your office or hotel room. Check regularly that you have not lost your card.
  • Once you start using mobile payments, you don’t need to enter your PIN at a payment terminal.
  • Keep your PIN to yourself and memorise it. If you forget your PIN code, you can check it easily and free of charge in Nordea Mobile or Netbank.
  • Do not store you card and PIN in the same place. When entering your PIN, make sure that no one can see it.
  • Never reveal the card number or PIN via telephone, e-mail or in any other way, even if inquirers present themselves as the bank’s employees or police officers.
  • You can set daily security limits for your card that affect cash withdrawals at ATMs and bill payments in Nordea Mobile and Netbank.

Online shopping is more secure than ever

Many online stores may have asked you to confirm your card purchases recently. The Payment Services Directive (PSD2) instructs card issuers to ensure that, when a card is used to pay online, the cardholder’s identity is strongly authenticated. In practice, a card issuer must offer the cardholder a chance to perform this strong authentication. 

At Nordea, strong authentication means using the code app or code calculator, which ensure that paying with a card is more secure than ever before. You can be certain that your payment is secure if you see one of these logos when confirming the payment: Mastercard Identity Check (previously Mastercard SecureCode) or Visa Secure (previously Verified by Visa). 

Confirm your online payments with the Nordea ID app!

When making online purchases using your payment card, you are increasingly asked to confirm them.

All holders of payment cards issued by Nordea confirm their purchases securely with the Nordea Codes app. Even if you are not Nordea’s personal customer but are using a Nordea payment card, we will provide you with a code app for confirming online card payments.

Read how you can start using Nordea Codes app in all kinds of situations.

If you can’t activate the code app, please call Nordea Customer Service to ensure that you can make secure online purchases.

Enable online payments for your card

You can pay for your online purchases with Nordea Mastercards and Visa cards after you have registered them for online payments. Registering is easy and you can do it yourself:

  1. in Nordea Mobile under your card settings
  2. by changing your card information in Netbank, or
  3. by calling Nordea Customer Service and identifying yourself with your online access codes.

The Finnish Consumer Protection Act in credit cards

All Nordea’s credit cards give you protection pursuant to the Finnish Consumer Protection Act in case the merchant breaches the contract. It helps you get your money back if anything goes wrong.

If you lose your card

If you lose your card, you can block it immediately in Nordea Mobile. Select the card on the Overview tab, go to “PIN and Security” and select “Block the card”. In Nordea Mobile you can either block your card temporarily and unblock it yourself, or you can block it permanently, in which case you will automatically be sent a new card. You can also block your card by calling our card blocking services.

Frequently asked questions

What are Mastercard Identity Check and Visa Secure?

The global payment card companies Mastercard and Visa have created the Mastercard Identity Check (previously Mastercard SecureCode) and Visa Secure (previously Verified by Visa) services, respectively, to authenticate both parties to a payment, the buyer and the merchant, at the time a purchase is made.

Paying with a Nordea debit or credit card is easy. All you need to do is enter the card number, its validity and the card security code (which is referred to as CVC or CVV). You will then be asked to confirm your purchase with Nordea’s code app. The information you give, such as your access codes, is not transmitted to the merchant. The merchant only receives a confirmation of a successful identification in the form of a payment authorisation.

Underage online purchasers

Strong authentication also applies to online purchases made by an underage cardholder. If you want your child to be able to make online payments, we recommend that you activate online access codes and Nordea’s code app for them. You can easily do this on our website under ”Open services online for a child”.

What to do if you are unable to pay with your card online?

Check that you have registered your card for online payments. You can do it yourself in Nordea Mobile or Netbank. If there is a temporary disturbance in online payments, you can often fix it by disabling and then enabling online payments. You should clear the cache of your browser as well.

If your card is not working – Help for problems with your card.